Friday, March 12, 2010

Who reads our blog V

(Part I, part II, part III, part IV)
Top countries, top regionalized Googles, and a few search terms.

The graph on top shows that Egypt and Saudi Arabia have moved up tremendously.

The next graph compares how often regionalized search engines come here.

Here are a few of the searches that led to El Naschie Watch. I don't understand how some of them ended up here.

  • the great man IN MY LIFE

  • Mohamed El Naschie is without a trace of a doubt the most original

  • el naschie scandal


  • Jason and Nature vs El Naschie

  • i want a paragraph about ahmed zewail and translate into arabic

  • a composition about the scientist ahmed zewail but in english

  • IQ of Dr. Ahmed Zewail

  • numerology

  • el naschie criminal

  • el-naschie crackpot

  • crackpot el naschie

  • El Naschie fraud

  • El Naschie is apparently a numerologist.

  • gerardo iovane crackpot

  • JI-HUAN HE fraud

  • Ji-Huan He garbage


  • dubious "International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics"

  • "sabine hossenfelder" psychosis

  • jihan fadel hot

  • jihan fadel actress married and had two childrens

  • Nayfeh is of course one of those phony tricks

  • infamousy

  • "el Naschie" Hamas

  • All the email addresses of all man that worked in London and American OR OR @a [IP address in Lagos, Nigeria. LOL]

  • watch am curious yellow online

  • hairy chest site:

  • amrikn sex

  • Hot Lips Hot Legs 2002 خطير جدااا

  • you were lying to me

  • fat lady in egypt youtube

  • pants on fire +english expression

  • pull the wool over some ones eyes ما معنى

  • dumbass quotes

  • wake up salah El Din we are here

There were also many searches in Arabic but I didn't examine those.

Translate English to Arabic

محمد النشائى El Naschie Watch محمد النشائي El Naschie News محمد النشائى
محمد النشائي All El Naschie All The Time محمد النشائى

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