Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Al-Ahram archives are back

Al-Ahram is a prestigious old Egyptian newspaper. On April 12, a reader in the Scorpion300 comments on the interview thread pointed to some El Naschie material in their archives, but then the archives abruptly disappeared. After a six-day outage, their archives are up again. Al-Ahram's IT department is none too speedy, but better late than never.

The Al-Ahram archive page can be reached directly but it has no search field, so searching is best done from Al-Ahram's front page: Google's English translation, or original Arabic.

For searching, El Naschie's name is spelled "النشائى" or "النشائي".

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محمد النشائي All El Naschie All The Time محمد النشائى


  1. > Al-Ahram's IT department is none too speedy, but better late than never.

    That could just be the time taken to sanitize their archives, so that they're not subject to a Nature-like lawsuit from the great (litigious) one.

    Speaking of "notoriously hostile" UK libel law, Simon Singh's recent victory over the British Chiropractic Association (having described some of its claims as bogus doesn't constitute libel after all), bodes poorly for the golden meanie (not that he'd had much of a chance anyway, though it will be good to have this one restored as well).

  2. Hooray for Simon Singh!

    The withdrawn Nature article of course can be read here on El Naschie Watch until Nature restores it. It was the tenth post on this blog.