Saturday, April 10, 2010

E-Infinity communication No. 22 is up

With a promise of more to come.

Scroll down to it on FQXi-395, or jump directly to it on our archive.

It's immediately preceded by this angry post

said el wesekh wrote on Apr. 10, 2010 @ 10:57 GMT
Said ya Salah dah mawke elmi mush mawke el sharmuta betatak. Khalik enta ma banatak el gheir shareeyin ahl el fan we el taaris. Ama el sharmut Jason betaak, fa teadar tehuto fi moakherat amthalak. Etfu aleyk we ala amthalak. Enta akzar gorthuma etwagadet fi masr. Etfarag ala tarikh hayatak el weskh fi:

probably left by Amr S. Elnashai. Can anyone translate it? He's calling me a whore, I think.

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  1. But what happened to ?
    Did you finally cave to threat of lawsuit?

  2. haha :) no, I guess the blog software was just choking on the long text.

  3. I thought it was funny but it was so long it pushed all the older posts off the main page. (Martin, whose standards may be higher than mine, didn't think it was that funny.)

  4. Martin -high standards- KlickenApril 10, 2010 at 2:19 PM

    oh, my standards, maybe - on some days :) oh, I thought it was funny by the way! only not so much helping to point occasional readers to the main intention of this blog.

  5. > but it was so long it pushed all the older posts off the main page

    not really, since on the main page there's only an excerpt with a "Read more" link for the full text

    > … the main intention of this blog

    The intent in this case was to illustrate
    (i) that the spamming of the E-infinity group and Naschie Party has its various historical antecedents
    (ii) that the content is indistinguishable from automatically generated text (in fact the Shannon information content of the Mustafa text, unlike ordinary text produced by sentient entities, is the same as the mock text)

    In addition, it's worth noting that while CSF was particularly egregious (in large part due to the editor-in-chief's Nobel pretensions), there are many other vanity journals out and around as well as other recent start-ups with questionable standards.

    Described here (follow-up here), for example, is a use of SCIgen (context free grammar) to spoof an article which was accepted after ``peer review''.

    A similar methodology to produce other types of articles (e.g., snarxiv) can easily be adapted for E-infinity, and the articles would be no worse than this.

    And many of these software programs would fare better on the Turing Test than your hero.

  6. I agree with you in all points. The text generators are hilarious. There was a problem with the page loading, though, even with the entry not unfolded, thanks.
    The main intent of the blog must be to focus clearly on what a fraud El Naschie is. Please keep in mind, that people were not able or willing to defuse him until now. His main weapon is endless rambling, and distracting. I think, we should be as clear and to the point, as we can be.
    As insiders, we tend to forget over a laugh how tedious it may be to go through all the information available to understand what's going on. Since he tries to distract, we have to nail him down.
    But I agree, the text is really a mess and I laughed my ass of when reading it :)

  7. > focus clearly on what a fraud El Naschie is

    Also the potential larger damage done by him and his sycophantic ilk.

    Here is an example brought up just yesterday regarding a Wikipedia entry with a link to CSF golden mean nonsense (see also).
    The typical non-expert Wikipedia editor will approve such things after dispute because it includes citation to an actual article in a putatively legitimate source: a refereed journal.

    But as the above forum link points out, the only acceptance criterion applied to this article was whether the journal editor's name gratuitously appeared in the last line of the abstract.

  8. My own view of this blog has evolved over time. Originally it was just a vehicle for my amusement and sophomoric taunts. Then we started archiving valuable El Naschie material available nowhere else and things began to change. It's more serious now, because it's clear we matter. I wasn't expecting us to make a difference. You can bet Khairy Ramadan studied El Naschie Watch before the interview.

    Martin, the part 1 subs are in your inbox.

    PS When blogger decides how many posts to put on the main page, it really does seem to calculate it as if all were fully unfolded.

  9. Anonymous 12:49 PM, those are interesting links. I have said before that nothing in CSF can be assumed to have been peer reviewed. As time goes on we'll see more and more old CSF papers pointed out as nonsense. That's not going to do the resurrected CSF any good.