Wednesday, April 14, 2010

E-Infinity communication No. 25, part one

A weapon of mass destruction in the War on Paragraphs.

Why "part one"? It is a mystery. Nor can we find a communication No. 24. The numbering system may involve fractals or wild topology.

Within the wall of text the author sprinkles randomly-oriented and unmatched quotation marks. It is seldom clear who if anyone is being quoted. However, the tone is complementary toward the E-Infinity group, and resentful of outsiders for appropriating their ideas.

Gerard ‘t Hooft is referred to as "the great man" which is certainly a mistake. We learn that he attended a conference at which El Naschie gave talks titled "On ‘t Hooft dimensional regularization in E-Infinity space" and "‘t Hooft dimensional regularization implies Cantorian Space time" (unlinked because we cannot find an abstract), which must have been awkward for the Nobel Laureate.

Scroll down to it on FQXi-395, or jump directly to it on our archive.

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