Thursday, April 8, 2010

Egyptian blogger posts all 21 E-infinity screeds

Cairo-based blogger Mohamed Mustafa, the proprietor of El Naschie's so-called scientific homepage, studiously has copied all 21 communications from FQXi seriatim into one mammoth column of text and posted it on his blog.

How much bloviation is that? 158,593 characters. 27,212 words. 39 single-spaced pages. Better check your printer!

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  1. > How much bloviation is that? 158,593 characters. 27,212 words. 39 single-spaced pages. Better check your printer!

    You are too easily impressed. A better version is produced by the Mark V Shaney ghost of Usenet Newsgroups past (uses bigram probability distribution to generate random text). Here would have been equal 27,212 words trained on your linked Mustafa corpus, but your blogspot accepts only first 4096 characters, so you must believe it was rigorously at least as coherent as the Mustafa spambot original.

    Only small excerpt from full 27212 follows this post to give original flavor.

  2. The excerpt:

    Dear All,

    Even the most gullible, unsuspecting and least inclined to a picture similar to Sonny Liston when he equated fractals with non-differentiability. That brought him into conflict with fractal experts like the pioneers of E-infinity. Suppose we want to know the experimental values of the natural logarithm. Mohamed El Naschie started to seriously enter into the simple addition of two numbers, 528 plus 496 gives 1024. This is the coupling involved in reconstructing the inverse electromagnetic fine structure constant comes out of the gravity section in this spacetime. Finally you add that Poincare knew all of that in his dialectic coined an ugly Greek/Latin half breed word coincidentia oppositorium. He must have had a powerful subject which physicists should take very seriously.

    A summary of the work of El Naschie. As for the empty set. You could say universal set, subset, empty set, the empty set in mind, but never mind is that my dimensionality is given by the sum of that long before Einstein and that is why you cannot go on. And he sometimes said something to the power of fractals and connected to the original equation. El Naschie and for n-5 you get the hint, as Mohamed El Naschie is almost a vegetarian, unlike Mitchell who lives from red meat. Maybe it is there. For the positive value we started with namely 68.5410197.


    In fact Mohamed's father who was an army general was quite concerned and worried that such a task could lead to 137.082039325. So as long ago as 2006, which means four years ago, this value was given in this communication. Judging by past experience negative dimensions and this gives us exactly the same value and comes to exactly 1024 and you can find this result first.


    However the typical theoretical physicist neither appreciates nor most of what it is only semantics and totally irrelevant. We have to start with a much simpler example of a great deal with a ladder, he kicked the ladder and onlookers wondered how he came to most of his teachers. He used to carry this 300 kilos and go to the power of the time they needed to digest and reproduce them in his own the basic equations of E-infinity theory that the final number is even far absurdly small than our memory had it at the unidirectionality of time on worthless blogs achieving nothing except maybe getting rid of easily.

    El Naschie and Prof. He? Is it the train to San Fernando. A last minute note, you need in order to make many calculations to realize that this is numerology and found it to be incorrigible fanatic to talk about. Whether the Fibonacci progression is more familiar to people not acquainted with it at the cutting edge of everything in mathematics and go down without any problem to numerics as well as the absolutely secured part of secured knowledge and I will give you the illusion you have to compactify chi 7. I mean now the Menger-Urysohn topological dimension is given by very simple and natural. Suppose we have a long one in the literature. The two examples where E-Infinity could have been cited 328 times. I recall something similar after his Suez Canal adventure. By the way a super symmetric partners, gravitinos. Incidentally both have never been observed. Never the less equal to the end. It is impossible to have been the first to introduce at least if they are insisting on whatever they are insisting on whatever they are insisting on whatever they are insisting on particularly when we have 4 spacetime dimensions and its meaning.

    When you explain Einstein's special theory of dimension as well as Alan Connes' noncommutative geometry. In this context we should not be generalized but there is a great pity that people can sometimes be so tolerant to leave everyone express himself in the empty set. The corresponding dimension would then be minus 1 to plus infinity. So he found emptier and emptier sets with Hausdorff dimensions in high energy particle physics problems, and we will be shortly returning with more.

    Mohamed Mustafa

  3. OMG that is one of the funniest things I have ever read. A machine-generated E-infinity communication?! How the hell did you do that.

  4. Did you use this?

    I have never heard of Mark V Shaney.

  5. > Did you use this?

    No, but same idea, just used a version of the script from the original Perl book.

    > I have never heard of Mark V Shaney.

    (Thought you claimed to be technical?) It is explained in the Wikipedia entry linked to above, so called because it implements a Markov Chain.
    It makes a single pass through the sample text, counting the number of times word3 appears after the bigram "word1 word2", and uses that as the probability distribution p(word3 | "word1 word2").
    Then starting from a two word seed, it picks successive terms according to that probability distribution, so every three word sequence is drawn from the sample text, and appears with the same frequency as in the sample text. Of course because it is a Markov chain by the end of the sentence it has no memory of where it started, but that as well accurately emulates the E-infinity corpus.

    The 27,212 word sample from Mustafa is already rich enough to generate everything they will ever write in the future, so grab the script and put them out of business (it will also generate arabic text based on their arabic postings). The only risk is you become the new subject of their adulation.