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The "El Naschie Award" ceremony

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The man in the front row with a black and red striped tie is Dr. Hani Helal.

Helal is Egypt's Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research. His name has come up a few times on El Naschie Watch as having been fooled into thinking El Naschie is a real scientist. Ambassador Ismail Khairat, the head of the Egypt State Information Service also appears to believe El Naschie is genuine.

Real Egyptian scientists like Tarek Ibrahim of Alexandria University and Sabry Abdel Motelib of Ain Shams University who was seen in Elbeet Beetak part three have done a better job of recognizing the imposter than government bureaucrats have.

Maybe the bureaucrats just don't care.

Readers may remember that El Naschie, when he had cancer surgery, decided to establish an award for cancer research.

Seventh Day ( اليوم السابع ) reports that El Naschie has chosen Children's Cancer Hospital 57357 to administer the award. At 100,000 Egyptian pounds or about $18,000 US, it's small as cancer awards and grants go; but we learn in Seventh Day that the amount El Naschie himself contributed when he announced the award was only a tenth of that -- a pittance. In Seattle, that might cover two ambulance rides. Businessmen contributed the rest.

With El Naschie, Dr. Hani Helal attended the ceremony designating Hospital 57357. Helal said the generous prize demonstrated El Naschie's loyalty to Egypt and keen awareness of the importance of scientific research. El Naschie said any rumors of differences between himself and Helal should be put to rest. El Naschie Watch was not aware of any such rumors.

The hospital's Web site has a different account, dated April 19, with further details and in good English. They don't mention the amount of the award, but we learn that it will be given annually, and it will be called the El Naschie award. Here's the whole thing:

Dr. Hani Helal, Minister for Higher Education, praises the 57357 institution and its healthcare workers

Physicist Mohamed El Naschie Grants the Hospital an Annual Prize for Best Research

The Minister partly attended a cultural event featuring the announcement of a prize granted by eminent [This is ridiculous of course, but the hospital is getting money from El Naschie, and flattery is to be expected.] Egyptian physicist, Mohamed El Naschie for best research at 57357 and a lecture by Hospital management Expert, Dr. Ossama Mossalam. Invited to speak before a fully booked Auditorium, Dr. Helal affirms that hospital 57357 has become the symbol for the start of a new era in quality healthcare and in scientific research. The minister added that he appreciates the continuous effort exerted by its healthcare workers towards its sustainability and development. For Dr. Helal, the Awarded prize by El Naschie is an expression of gratefulness and the desire of patriotic Egyptians to give back to their homeland; it also reflects their awareness of the importance of pursuing scientific research. The Minister revealed that over the past three years, published Egyptian scientific research work in international scientific periodicals has increased by 30% despite the fact that we still lack the ideal supportive environment for researchers. He also stressed the role of the Sciences & Technological Development Fund in supporting research work

Invited to address the audience, Dr. Mohamed El Naschie, reveals that he first visited the hospital just prior to its opening and that he is thankful and proud for the establishment of a medical and scientific institution of this magnitude in Egypt. He is appreciative of the fact that it was completely built and is sustained by donations from Egyptians from all walks of life, rich or poor. Moreover, he is enthusiastic to find that hospital 57357 has taken up the motto of putting knowledge into action in all its dealings and operations, highlighting the importance of scientific research which aims at improving diagnostics, treatment and the effective provision of healthcare services.

He informs us that he lately suffered from a rare form of bone marrow tumor for which he underwent a delicate and complicated surgery. He is grateful to God and to scientific medical advances for his complete recovery. Hence, his decision to institute an annual grant or prize in his name for the best Egyptian scientific research work in cancer disease. This grant would be operated and managed by Hospital 57357 and would be the seed for future concrete actions towards the promotion of scientific research in Egypt which aims at its over-all development and advancement.

Also present at the event was Dr. Alex Shalabi [front row, red tie], President of Mobinil’s Board of Directors, who stressed the importance of the concept of private public Partnership in the development of the nation, as we realize more and more that governments are in need of the support of the private sector to realize their objectives. Hospital 57357 is the perfect embodiment of this concept, he added. Dr. Shalabi pledged Mobinil’s support to the El Naschie prize and to the hospital which it is already backing on an on-going basis ever since its inception.

UPDATE: Here's still more about the award ceremony from Rosa El-Youssef (English or Arabic). Notice the kiss between El Naschie and Helal.

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  1. Although Hani Helal is the Egypt's minister of higher education and scientific research, he has nothing to do with education and scientific research. That is why, he easily fooled by El naschie. Maybe Hani Helal haven't done any serious scientific in all of his career. He is just a faithful person to the government with no scientific qualification at all. Besides, he is doing strictly and boldly what government (president) dictates to him.

    In Egypt there was a minster of education called Yousry El-Gamal. At that time there was also Hani Helal minster higher education and scientific research. One of the comic writers in Egypt called blal Fadel in a TV program argued that two minsters has nothing to do with education nor scientific research. He further argued that their merits are only due their names that are similar to election symbols (Helal in arabic means Crescent) and (El-gamal means Camel).

  2. You must mean this guy. It sounds to me like the government does not like him very much.

  3. Hi Jason,
    Yes he is the guy I meant

  4. Another point to keep in mind is that Helal has been in a bit of hot water with the press about his recent firing of Dr. Mohamed El-Saadany, the president of the technology park built outside Cairo, "Mubarack's City for Science and technology". The firing was a pure power struggle when Dr. El-Saadany overstepped his boundary and attended a parliament session with Helal instead of waiting in Helal's office until the parliament session was over. Helal stormed back to his office and fired the guy on the spot. Since then, Dr. El-Saadany, a potential successor to Helal, has been conducting a PR campaign on TV and in newspapers against Helal. One point he keeps on bringing up is that Helal has not been able to attract Egypt's top scientists to cooperate with the ministry's plans for scientific research. Guess who Dr. El-Saadany always mentioned as the scientist that was lost to Egypt because of personal issues with Helal?

    You got it.

    And here is Helal proving him wrong. Hop over to Rosa ElYoussef for a picture of Helal and the douche kissing each other affectionately on the cheek!

  5. I don't see the El Naschie/Helal kiss picture. El-Saadani and Helal are rivals but both show respect for El Naschie? How lame of both of them.

    Your comments are too good to be just comments. You should join the blog team.

  6. The kiss:

  7. The bigger problem for me is the extreme Machiavellianism of Helal. He knows that the douche is a fraud! In 2008, the douche was removed from the scientific advisory committee of the president. The Muslim Brotherhood (who like everyone else thinks the douche is a genius and all) brought the issue up in parliament but the government kept mum about their reasons for removing him. The douche seems to imply slyly that his feud with Zewail is the reason. In any case Helal should know better even if he is fighting to keep his job and protect his image.

    Last year the two Helals (see the first anonymous commentator above) got into a fight. The other Helal (currently retired, but at the time was the head of the National Institute for Scientific Research) was nominated for the state prize in applied science. It helps that he was a member of the National Academy committee that chooses the winners in all categories, the committee headed by our Helal (pictured above). When time came for a final vote, the nominated Helal stepped outside and waited at the podium for the press conference for the announcement, only for the committee to come out with a decision to not present the prize this year, leaving Helal gasping at the podium. He was later interviewed on TV on El Beet Beetak by our old friend Khairy Ramadan and said that the minister Helal blocked the prize out of fear for his job (the other Helal was rumored as a successor, and furthermore he is a buddy of the president's son). Our Helal made a statement later saying that the committee received intel the last minute that made them change their mind aout the nomination. It turns out that the h-index of the other Helal is ZERO, ZILCH, and thus does not deserve the prize. This gives you an idea about the scientific community in Egypt. The head of the National Institute of Scientific Research has an h-index of zero and was nominated for a top state science prize and felt belittled when he didn't get it.

    The obvious question is this: How come the douche has not received ANY state prizes from Egypt, even though is a universally recognized genius?

  8. Great story. Thanks for explaining about the two Helals. And the picture is a thing of beauty. I will roll your recent comments into a post.

    I have a favor to ask those of you who comment here frequently. Can you post comments using some name or pseudonym of your choice? It makes it easier to give you credit for scoops and is helpful to our readers.

    You -- and all readers -- are welcome to email me at hasten dot jason at gmail dot com any time.

  9. Yes, do like I do, I don't care to log in every time I post here, but I just choose Name/URL in the box and type my name (I leave the URL field empty).
    Thanks for the very refreshing comments and hints, particularly in the last week!

  10. In 2008, the douche was removed from the scientific advisory committee of the president.

    This is important and rings a bell. If I recall correctly, part of El Naschie's suit against Die Zeit and Nature is that he has had damage done to his career through lost speaking engagements and advisory positions. Do you have a link for that?

  11. Another link I would like is one to the older, retired Helal so that I can distinguish between them by a photo, biographical info, etc.

  12. Here are links to the incident of removing the douche from the president's science advisory committee, an issue that the douche rarely brings up ...