Tuesday, April 20, 2010

El Naschie redlines the grovel meter

The political pundit of fractal Cantorian spacetime looks at President Hosni Mubarak, and he likes what he sees.

Today's column is called Greater Jihad. El Naschie praises Mubarak's heroic leadership in war and peace, patriotism, social services, infrastructure development, literacy, and so on.

Egypt Tomorrow is always very short. I wonder whether they're paying him.

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  1. In the Wednesday, April 21, 2010 column (English or Arabic) "Children of Syria and Egypt Grand", El Naschie urges closer relations between Egypt and Syria. Possible reconciliation has been in the news.

    For his opening sentence he tells the old chestnut about his Egyptian passport.

  2. What do you expect from someone who writes to Rosalyosif?

  3. That's what people have been telling me, Sameh.

  4. Thurday, April 22, 2010 " العقد النفسية التي تحكمهم " or "psychological contract which they are governed"

    El Naschie revisits a theme he has used in past columns, which is that Egypt is central to the Arab world. "Egypt is the train that bore all the Arabs." Qatar's media, he says, insults Egypt non-stop (over Egypt's keeping the border with Gaza rather tightly sealed, I think) and should cut it out. And they are too cozy with Israel.

  5. I think that the douche has outsmarted himself at last. While it's fairly easy to dupe Egyptian media when it comes to science, politics is the one topic (besides religion) that everybody has strong feelings about. In the current political climate in Egypt, taking such a silly stance in face of general public sentiments is enough to destroy anybody's reputation.
    The only problem is that many people will have missed these articles because of the lack of credibility of Rosa Elyoussef itself. If only more attention could be attracted to them ...

  6. Thursday's article's title is, "The psychological complexes that govern them". The usual tirade of the state department about Qatar having an inferiority and size complex with respect to Egypt. I'm curious to see if he is ever invited onto Al-Jazeera. I bet you he will change his tune then!

  7. Aha, because Al-Jazeera is based in Qatar.

    What little I know about Egyptian politics I picked up only as a side effect of El Naschie research, so it's scanty. I saw a reader poll on some Website today asking whether ElBaradei will get the nomination and it was about two to one saying yes. So I take it Gamal and ElBaradei are going to be the main candidates, with ElBaradei running against corruption and authoritarianism, and Gamal running against Zionism and G.W. Bush. Is that right? And, who's going to win? And will Mubarak allow a fair election?

  8. Until 2005, multi-candidate presidential elections were not allowed. Instead there was only one candidate and a ballot with Yes or No for him. Under pressure from G. W. Bush, Mubarack changed the constitution in 2005 to allow for multiple presidential candidates. The two candidates with the most votes behind Mubarack (both were less than 10% total) wound up in prison after the elections.
    According to the 2005 constitutional amendment, ElBaradei cannot run for presidency next year. To be a legal candidate, there are only two routes.
    (1) You must be an top-tier elected member of the board of a political party for more than a year before the elections. The irony is that the formation of a political party is governed by the infamous "Party Committee" headed by the inglorious "Safwat ElSherif", the vice president of the ruling party (!) and Mubarack's right-hand man since he came to power in 1981! ElBaradei thus decided not to play this game and has declined to join any existing party.
    (2) To run as an independent. There is a long list of requirements, each one of which is practically insurmountable. For example, the candidate needs signs approvals from 75 (if I remember correctly) members of the parliament. The parliament is completely dominated (and always has since the revolution) by the ruling party. There is no need to go into he further requirements.
    In conclusion, ElBaradie cannot constitutionally be a candidate. He, quite quixotically, is lobbying for the constitution to be changed to ease the nomination of independent presidential candidates BEFORE next year's elections. Mubarack and his henchmen have explicitly said repeatedly that there will be no changes this time around (since Obama wants to be loved in contrast to the heavy-handed Bush). And yet government-run media outlets (such as Rosa ElYoussef) are defaming and smearing him just in case. Our douche should really have saved his drivel for another occasion, but he obviously doesn't know how to choose his battles. Hopefully this one is his last ..

  9. That was a great explanation. Depressing, though.

    I see http://www.whopopular.com/Egypt shows ElBaradei as vastly more popular than Hosni Mubarak, Gamal, singer Amr Diab (who starred in Ice Cream in Gleem with Jihan Fadel), or any other person in Egypt.

  10. El Naschie's Friday, April 23, 2010 column is up. Undo the fact of Egypt's regional ( حقيقة التراجع الإقليمي لمصر ).

    It's about Egypt's regional role.

  11. Iran and its trustee Amr Moussa ( إيران ووصية عمرو موسي ) Sunday, April 25, 2010

    Amr Moussa is an Egyptian presidential aspirant or contender. Wikipedia says "Critics of current Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak allege that Moussa's appointment to the Office of Secretary-General of the Arab League was motivated by Mubarak's desire to remove him from the public spotlight." In this column El Naschie is skeptical of Moussa's plan to include Iran in a regional group of countries.

  12. The translations of the titles of the latest two articles of the douche:
    "The truth about Egypt's regional decline"
    "Iran and Amr Moussa's recommendation"

    The opposition party ElWafd's newspaper has published an editorial pointing to the government's underhanded use of the douche against ElBaradie:


    In other news, the douche seems to have been interviewed on TV recently and attacked Mona ElShazly (who presents a program that rivals El Beet Beetek in popularity) for hosting a forum on nanotechnology where his name was never mentioned (the ill-advised Mona unfortunately invited only real scientists to the program).

    The douche's whining:

    (can anyone find the program?)

    and Mona's program on nanotechnology:



  13. BTW, the last column about Amr Moussa WAS NOT WRITTEN by the douche. It couldn't have. The writing style is COMPLETELY different, it's the usual style of Egyptian government newspaper editorials. The writer knows the language much much better and writes professionally, and more importantly, none of the characteristic babble of the douche in the previous columns.

    I think the douche is just lending his name to Rosa ElYoussef when he doesn't have time to dictate his usual drivel!

  14. Wow! Thanks for the links and analysis, and insight that he didn't write the last column. Amazing!
    are important, and deserve a better translation than Google can provide, and if you have time to provide either I'll add links, commentary and a graphic to make a major post. Otherwise I'll study them and summarize them as best I can, but man, Google translate sucks for Arabic. I even find Chinese to English is clearer for some reason. Oh well.

    Yes, people, look for the TV program with El Naschie attacking Mona ElShazly! We want it badly. :)

    Off-topic: Here are quick and easy links to vote for El Naschie, Ji-Huan He, and for Jihan Fadel on WhoPopular:




  15. Monday, April 26, 2010
    Iran's nuclear program ( البرنامج النووي الإيراني )
    Is today's column by the Great Man himself? Or the more literate ghost-writer who wrote yesterday's.

  16. Not the douche. More ghost writer. You can tell right away from 3 signs:
    (1) The sentences are long and coherent
    (2) Non of the douche's silly stories
    (3) Non of the douche's wild sweeping generalizations (as in a previous column: "NOTHING the Arabs will EVER do will amount to ANYTHING without Egypt's involvement". The ghost writer just doesn't say stuff like that.)

  17. I will not be surprised if the improved style turns out to be permanent. The editor of Rosa Al-Youssef may have noticed that El Naschie isn't a good writer, and assigned someone to completely re-write his daily submissions. Let's keep our eye on the style.

  18. http://www.rosaonline.net/Daily/News.asp?id=59180

    The douche is back writing his column today with his most idiotic post yet:
    (1) Iran, do what Mubarack tells you and try to learn from his wisdom
    (2) What's to stop countries like Chad to want nuclear weapons if Iran gets them?
    (3) No douche post is complete without a jab at El Baradei: he is responsible for Israel's nuclear weapons and for blocking peaceful nuclear reactors from others
    (4) Here is true gem: There is no such thing as "alternative" energy, whether "solar or lunar" [sic]!!!. Energy is either oil or nuclear, those are the two sources that I know!

  19. No. Don't tell me he said solar or lunar. Seriously?

  20. Haha he did. I think he's disparaging solar when he says "solar or lunar or other nonsense".

    I am glad he's back.