Wednesday, April 7, 2010

El Naschie's Arabic Wikipedia entry vandalized IV

(Part I is here. Part II is here. Part III is here.)
The Arabic Wikipedia article on El Naschie has again been vandalized by Riad (a.k.a. Riadismet). The link to El Naschie Watch has once again been removed. And the entire discussion page for the article is again deleted.

There is a conversation between Riad and a user named Sharaf al-Din about the recent changes.


أحلى سلام على رجلنا الهمام. Sweet peace on our man gallant. كيفك رياض؛ آمل أن تكون في تمام الصحة والعافية. هناك أمرا أظنه يعنيك إلى حد ما، أردت لفت انتباهك له. Hi Riaz; I hope to be in optimal health and wellness. there is something I think means you somewhat, I wanted to draw your attention to him. تحيـة. Greeting. -- شرف الدين ( نقاش ) 15:41، 7 أبريل 2010 (ت ع م) - Sharaf al-Din ( talk ) 15:41 April 7, 2010 (v p m)

حسنا، سألخص لك مضمون رسالته في التالي: Well, I will summarize the content of his letter to you in the following:
هو يتهمك أنت و مستخدم آخر ؛ « بتخريب المقالة » التي تتبع لها صفحة النقاش تلك، وهذا كونك قد حذفت له نقاش سابق، قد وضعه في نفس صفحة النقاش، تحت سبب « منوع وضع لينكات تختوى على صور اباحية »؛ هذا السبب الذي وضعه لك المستخدم الآخر ، والذي أراك قد حذفت الصفحة بناءا عليه، دون الرجوع إلى تاريخها للتأكد من صحته؛ فظن أنك تريد منعه من إبداء رأيه حول موضوع المقالة، كما يفعل المستخدم الآخر ؛ بحذفه لكل نقاش يضعه في تلك الصفحة. Is to accuse you of flip you and another user ; «sabotaging the article »to follow her talk page that, this being deleted his talk earlier, had placed in the same talk page, under the reason «Variety put this Thread Txtoy pornographic images»; this reason that put you the other user , which I see you deleted the page based upon, without reference to history to make sure it is correct; a surface that you want to prevent him from expressing his opinion on the subject of the article, as does the other user ; delete all argument puts it in that page. فقرر المستخدم عرض وجهة نظره مرة أخرى، ولكن بعدما قام بالتشهير بك وبذاك الآخر في إحدى المدونات . Decided to view the user point of view again, but after the defamation your benefit from that and the other in a blog . -- شرف الدين ( نقاش ) 16:51، 7 أبريل 2010 (ت ع م) - Sharaf al-Din ( talk ) 16:51, April 7, 2010 (v p m)

لا يوجد تعب، ولا أريدك أن تشغل بالك بالأمر. No fatigue, nor I want you to worry about it. فإن كانت زوبعة؛ فهي لا و لم تتعدى فنجانها! If the storm; they do not and did not exceed her cup! في الواقع؛ لا أعلم إذا ما كان كتب عنه ذلك أم لا. In reality; I do not know if it was written about it or not. ما لفت انتباهي فقط؛ هو تصرف ذاك المستخدم في مدونته. What caught my attention only; is the behavior that used in his blog.
على كل؛ سأضع عنوان تلك المدونة في القائمة السوداء لويكيبيديا. At all; I will address those on the blacklist for Wikipedia. لأن وجودها بوحتواها هذا؛ غير مقبول، ولا حاجة لويكيبيديا به. Because their presence Bouhtwaha this; unacceptable, with no need for Wikipedia it. طابت ليلتك. Good night. -- شرف الدين ( نقاش ) 20:47، 7 أبريل 2010 (ت ع م) - Sharaf al-Din ( talk ) 20:47, 7 April 2010 (T p m)

It looks like I am being falsely accused of putting or linking pornographic images on Wikipedia, and blacklisted.

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محمد النشائى El Naschie Watch محمد النشائي El Naschie News محمد النشائى
محمد النشائي All El Naschie All The Time محمد النشائى


  1. what a rat. wikipedia entry deletion is one thing. deleting the talk page is another.

  2. It was never easy for riadismet at wikipedia. For example he tried to become an administrator but there were people there preventing it - for a reason. First hints to that can be found in this German discussion page, given by himself to another rather rude arabic wikipedia contributor who still tries to get what the wikipedia idea is all about - with limited success.
    See the page here:

  3. The arabic wikipedia entry is a shame for wikipedia. It sheds a very bad light on the people in charge there. The entry now only states that El Naschie as a fact was a candidate for the nobel prize in 2006 (!), a professor for theoretical physics in cambridge (!), and his theories have proven 100% right now after 19 years of misjudgment.
    It could hardly be worse for wikipedia. Guys, do something about it, if you ever want to get the right "software" to your arabic "hardware", you need to face some things you want to believe are still not true. And should be removed from wikipedia. Not the discussion pages, you hear me? Because that's bad for your development into the right direction.
    Don't complain ever again that science has a hard time to gain ground, if you can't even keep wikipedia free of these signs of incapacity.

    Arabs, go there and tell riadismet and sharaf al-din what you think! Don't let some idiots have it all their way.

  4. Übrigens, riadismet, Du schreibst, Du kannst nicht verstehen, was hier im Blog steht, weil Du kein Englisch kannst, nur Arabisch und Deutsch. Sowas blödes habe ich lange nicht gelesen. Hast Du schonmal was von Google Translate gehört? Ansonsten hier nochmal der Tipp für Dich: unten in den Artikeln gibt es so lustige Knöpfe in den Flaggentönen der Arabischen Staaten gehalten. Drück da mal rauf, dann bekommst Du eine Übersetzung.
    Bevor Du Löschanträge stellst und falsche Anschuldigungen verbreitest, lies Dir doch vielleicht erstmal durch, damit Du wenigstens entfernt eine Ahnung hast, worum es überhaupt geht.
    Viel Erfolg, aber immer dran denken, das Gegenteil von "gut" ist oft "gut gemeint".

  5. Deleting talk pages on a wiki is shameful. Beyond the pale. Clearly Riadismet should not be an administrator.

    I am considering writing a response and placing it on a re-created talk page but I may be blocked from posting, I don't know.