Sunday, April 25, 2010

El Naschie's removal from science committee

One claim of El Naschie's law suits against Die Zeit and Nature is damage to his career resulting from loss of speaking engagements and advisory appointments. A reader provides these links concerning El Naschie's dismissal in early 2008 from President Mubarak's science advisory committee.


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  1. El naschie was removed and kicked out from Egypt and Saudi Arabia before the beginning of 2008. While the nature article appeared on November 2008.

    In Egypt many respectable scientists know very well that El naschie is Fraud. Maybe Hany Helal (Egypr's minster of Higher education and Scientific research) couldn't differentiate between real and pseudo scientists, because Hani Helal himself he has never practiced real science research in all of his career nor teaching. It could be true that he kicked out El naschie due personal reason. Now, he is kissing El naschie because now they are playing on the same team of defaming El braadie (the possible egyptian presidency candidate).

    Hany Helal without scientific qualifications at all, whose merits is only limited to be very sincere for the current regime. Unfortunately matters in Egypt goes in that miserable way.

  2. Thank you Zahy, for the date correction, the pessimistic punditry, and for choosing a nickname. I will fix the date.

  3. Correction
    El naschie was kiked out at the beining of 2008, and before the appearance of nature article.