Monday, April 19, 2010

El Naschie's writing criticized

One reader reminisces wistfully of the days when Rosa El-youssef Magazine was a good read. Another reader comments derisively about this paragraph from El Naschie's April 14 column:

أما البرادعي فليس بعالم علي الإطلاق، ومن الناحية السياسية نجد أن النشائي طيلة حياته سياسي بحكم مخالطته لأحداث الاحتلال الإنجليزي والمقاومة وممارسته السياسة الشعبية العملية، إذ حمل بندقيته في سن 12 عامًا ضد الاحتلال ووالده من الضباط الأحرار، كما أن زويل أصبح سياسيًا بعد توليه منصب مبعوث أوباما الشخصي للشئون العلمية، أما البرادعي فليس سياسيًا علي الإطلاق وهناك فارق كبير بين السلك السياسي والدبلوماسي الذي ينتمي إليه البرادعي.

which Google translates this way:

The IAEA is no world at all, and in political terms, we find that Alnchaii throughout his political by virtue of coming into contact with the events of the British occupation, resistance, and the exercise of popular policy process, as carrying his rifle at the age of 12 years against the occupation and the father of the Free Officers, and the scientist has become politically after taking over as envoy Obama's Personal Academic Affairs, and ElBaradei is not political at all and there is a difference between the political and diplomatic corps, which belongs to ElBaradei.

The translation's terrible, but you can tell it's written as if about and not by El Naschie. How can this have happened?

Of course he's an incompetent physicist, but we also know from Chaos, Solitons and Fractals that as a writer he's a slob.

I suspect he simply cut and pasted some text he had on hand to create this part of the column. He couldn't be bothered to proofread it, because that's beneath his dignity. A more sobering possibility is that he did do his best to proofread it, but the task was beyond his ability. That's the explanation favored by the reader who pointed this out. In either case, it's amazing that no editor corrected it.

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  1. My guess is that someone 'helps' the douche write the column. There are a couple of things to be considered:
    (1) In general the writing style in the 'column' is quite non-literary, but quasi-competent. I personally don't think that the douche has sufficient mastery to write even at this level.
    This supports the suggestion that some one writes the column on his behalf (as confirmed by the third person perspective slip up)
    (2) The sentence and paragraph structure are painfully rambling. It's just all over the place, reflecting a disturbed and unorganized mind on a mission.
    This supports that the douche is the author of the column.
    These two points taken together can be accommodated by the following hypothesis: the douche dictates the column to someone who writes his ramblings up. A person performing such a task would likely not have a good writing style, would at least know how to write correct Arabic, would follow closely what the douche says, and not be smart enough to correct the logical slip ups.

  2. That is an excellent hypothesis. I'm convinced.
    The person he dictates to will be in hot water.