Monday, April 12, 2010

Full English and German subtitles are ready!

Update: Spanish and Italian subtitles have been added as well.
On October 27, 2009, Egyptian state television aired a 23-minute interview with Mohamed El Naschie. The show is Elbeet Beetak ( البيت بيتك ) or "make yourself at home". The interviewer is Khairy Ramadan ( خيري رمضان ).

YouTube has a ten-minute limit so the interview is in three parts. The video is quite high-definition and looks good even full-screen.

The interview is a disaster for El Naschie. His carefully crafted image in Egypt is falling apart.

We hope you enjoy the video.

Thanks to our anonymous reader for the translation into English; to Martin for translation into German and for subtitling; and to Winter Sonata for uploading the video to MegaVideo where I found it.

If anyone wants to make subtitles in other languages, speak up. The synchronization data has already been laboriously created, so all you have to do is translate the subs.

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  2. Another video for the great man

  3. Zeinobia of Egyptian Chronicles links to an interview of Egyptian presidential scion and contender Gamal Mubarak (Arabic only) conducted by none other than... our friend Khairy Ramadan!

  4. Another new video for the great man
    It contains many interesting stories, like, on 16.09 minutes,
    Dr. Magdi Yacoub ( read about chaos from the journal Chaos soltion and fractal and then used chaos for predicting heart break.