Tuesday, April 13, 2010

It was ten years and three months ago

Day one of the six-day bimillenial conference. In the Camellia Room of the famous Tiba Rose Hotel in Cairo, Sir Michael Atiya did his best to warm up the jet-lagged assemblage of scholars with a rambling narrative titled "A thousand years of mathematics".

After lunch, it was time for the main event.

Professor M.S. El Naschie of Cambridge University strode confidently to the podium. He carried his notes, pro forma, but they were unnecessary. He knew what he had come to say.

In charmingly accented English, he began to speak. His voice was soft but clear. "As we commence the new millennium it is fitting that I should address this conference to explain... the unification of all the fundamental forces." The audience leaned forward in their seats. A woman gasped. From the back of the Camellia Room there came an abrupt crash as one Nobel Laureate, startled, dropped a glass.

Here's the program. Here's the abstract of El Naschie's talk.

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