Sunday, April 25, 2010

Me, the Mossad, and Brigitte Bardot

That's the title of a 2008 interview El Naschie did with the Egyptian version of TV Guide.

A reader found nice big .jpgs of the dead tree magazine. Since it's a graphic format, Google translate can't handle it. So this is for readers that can read Arabic. For those who can't read Arabic, there is at least this explanation about the Brigitte Bardot reference.

This article is the one Khairy Ramadan brought up in part three of the Elbeet Beetak interview.

For safe keeping, this is the 2008 Egyptian TV Guide interview with El Naschie rolled up into one PDF.

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  2. Do the dates make sense? According to Wikipedia, Brigitte and Gunther were married 1966-1969. So presumably the douche was frolicking in Monte Carlo before then. Does that fall in line with his career? If he was born in 1943, that makes him 23 at the time of the wedding. A think this is another pure fabrication (and fabulation) on part of the douche

  3. Good point. He's lying, but not about having met Brigitte, which I suspect he did. His lie is craftier and more self-serving. It's one he tells all the time.

    He only got his engineering doctorate in 1974. So indeed there was no opportunity to become a rich engineer before meeting Brigitte in 1969 or earlier.

    The self-serving lie is that his engineering was what made him rich. No. Actually it was inheritance. His is one of Egypt's richest families. As a crude lower bound on the available wealth, note that El Naschie's brother Amr accuses the other brother Said and his wife Shadia Al-Shishini of trying to steal ten million pounds (I think this is Sterling not Egyptian) from their mother.

    So I have no doubt he was partying his ass off in Monte Carlo. I just think it was on his mother's dime. By the way, he promotes himself as a devout Muslim who "never touched a drop of alcohol even during his revolutionary years" which is possible but seems incongruous for a Monte Carlo socialite who hangs out with playboys like Gunther.

    I should add links and write this up as a post. Good observation!

    Brigitte by the way was born in 1934, so she's nine years older than El Naschie.

  4. Updated with a PDF for safe keeping. If anyone wants to do a good deed, an English translation of this would make a great archive.