Sunday, April 18, 2010

Mohamed A.Z. Habeeb and Shokry Ibrahim Nada

Records of academic conferences are a valuable source of information about E-Infinty group members. Click the picture to see the conference poster full size.

Readers will recall from Who are the members of the E-infinity group? that we still seek four photos:

  • Dahham Ismail Alani

  • Mohamed A. Z. Habeeb

  • Leila Marek-Crnjac

  • Shokry Ibrahim Nada

In International Astronomical Union, Cairo, 2008 we asked if anyone can identify Mohamed A.Z. Habeeb in these conference pictures. There's no doubt his picture is there. All we need is for someone to point it out.

Here is a Swiss conference Shokry Ibrahim Nada attended, but apparently without photos. Here is a trove of photos from a Ukrainian conference he attended. Undoubtedly Shokry Ibrahim Nada is depicted. Please help identify him.

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  1. I think I've got the picture of Shokry Ibrahim Nada.

    He had a talk at this conference (FRIDAY 19 - Day 2):

    The photos are available here:

    We are, of course, interested in those of Day 2:

    Assuming that the photos were taken and posted in chronological order, Shokry Ibrahim Nada would be this guy (4th speaker of the day):

    It seems the reasoning is right; the 7th speaker is a woman - this is in accordance with the program.

  2. Home run! You hit that one out of the park, Shrink. It's even a good picture.

  3. Two other shots:

  4. More shots