Monday, April 26, 2010

Another video! The Morning Dream interview

Morning Dream: Dialogue with the Egyptian nuclear scientist Mohamed El Naschie.

48 minutes long! I give this link because the video embedding code is not accepted by Blogger. Thanks to our diligent reader and contributor for finding this important video, and to Saba7dream for uploading it to on April 21, 2010.

The show, I take it, is Morning Dream. Immediate questions: Who is the interviewer; when did this air; and is the woman in the intimate scenes his wife? His wife's name, I think, is Lydia Thorsen-El Naschie. In a private communication Shrink once pointed out to me this hypnotherapy business Web site of hers with a photo not closely resembling, to my eyes, the fluent Arabic speaker who seems to be his wife in this video. (El Naschie Watch has never published that link before, preferring to focus on the Great Man and not his family, but this now becomes relevant.) The business is in Cobham, Surrey where El Naschie lives when in England. [UPDATE: The woman in the video is Mervat Heddini, El Naschie's new wife.]

Subtitles would be a major undertaking. Our Elbeet Beetak translator did that whole video himself, a generous donation of his time. What do you think, readers? Should we try to do this?

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  1. If people would give their impressions that would be a good starting point, and a thorough synopsis or film-critic style review might be enough. If the interviewer never challenges him, subtitles aren't worth the effort. Khairy Ramadan's polite but apparent skepticism is what made Elbeet Beetak so fascinating.

    By the way, if anyone didn't watch part three of Elbeet Beetak, you are missing out. It's the best. That's where you see him really squirm.

  2. Can anyone summarize this video?

  3. At 32:12 we see Hany Helal speaking at the El Naschie Award ceremony at Children's Hospital 57357! This means the video is recent.