Saturday, April 24, 2010

New E-infinity Web site or journal to appear

A Naschienal Socialist in China (Ji-Huan He or an acolyte of his) announces the intention to discuss E-infinity theory elsewhere than on FQXi-395, which he has found to be incongenial.

E-Infinity wrote on Apr. 24, 2010 @ 13:47 GMT
Dear Ray

The bureau of E-Infinity in China has taken the view that it is useless to continue any meaningful scientific discussion on this blog. Consequently, they have established an E-Infinity Communication Journal. This will fill the gap and satisfy a need after the censorship imposed worldwide and the close down of Chaos, Solitons & Fractals and scaling it down to a run of the mill journal of nonlinear dynamics. We think you for your encouraging remark though and will consider posting comments now and then. However the bulk of our work will be this new blog or Journal if you want. The home of the Journal will be either the Middle East or the Far East to keep it safe from vandalisms. Once more thank you Ray for your balanced comment and your increased awareness of the importance of our work towards which you have contributed in non trivial ways. In particular your E12 holds promises for future development.

Best regards,


Ji-Huan He is confused about the meaning of "censorship". There has never been any "censorship imposed" much less "worldwide" on E-infinity theory. His plan to keep the new journal "safe from vandalisms" however suggests he himself has a censorship plan.

I'm not going to say that Web hosting in China to avoid censorship is a whimsical idea.

That would be a cheap shot.

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