Saturday, April 17, 2010

No more physics papers, apparently

Since El Naschie was kicked out of the Editor-in-Chief position at Chaos, Solitons and Fractals, the Great Man has stopped publishing physics papers. El Naschie Watch is not surprised. That's what his vanity journal was for. Nobody except sometimes his equally corrupt mutual backscratcher Ji-Huan He will publish such nonsense, and El Naschie knows it.

But he has evidently recovered from his surgery and needs something to do. That's why he's taken to writing a newspaper column called Egypt Tomorrow six days a week in Rosalyousef Daily. He has reinvented himself as a political pundit. It keeps him in the public eye and doesn't require peer review. Perfect.

Here are my one-or-two-sentence descriptions of the ten columns to date.

April 7: Why Egypt tomorrow?
El Naschie wishes he could go back in time and persuade the late President Gamal Abdel Nasser to build an atomic bomb.

April 8: Education First
El Naschie tells the story about how schools are more important than hospitals. He tells this often, as in the Elbeet Beetak video.

April 9: Shameful things
El Naschie is ashamed in front of his daughters at the lack of opportunity for women in Egyptian politics, and he also thinks Copts should be treated better.

April 11: Sheikh Abdul Baset and private newspapers
He says certain privately owned papers ignore Egyptian national security, advocate change for change's sake, and are too free-market oriented.

April 12: crap Netanyahu and Obama's position
He calls Netanyahu the biggest liar in the world, and is angry at his pandering to American Jews by not attending a conference with Obama and Arab representatives.

April 13: Dictatorship is better than chaos
He says stability and equality before the law are more important than democracy; for example, the putatively democratic Israel treats Arabs and Muslims badly, he says.

April 14: Nobel Prize in «falafel»!
El Naschie dismisses Nobel Peace Prize winner ElBaradei, who wants to run for president, as an American lapdog. He wants a falafel Laureate, not a Coca Cola Laureate.

April 15: American candidate for the presidency
El Naschie continues bashing ElBaradei. The forces of Zionism want to embarrass Egypt and would love ElBaradei to be elected, he says.

April 16: narcissism ElBaradei
More bashing. ElBaradei favors ending martial law in Egypt, a prospect that alarms El Naschie. He devalues ElBaradei's Nobel by pointing out that a Nobel peace prize was also won by "Menachem Begin, war criminal and Israeli assassin".

April 18: intelligent scientist and the lining of ElBaradei
El Naschie tells of meeting and having a talk with Ahmed Zewail (an experimentalist, not a theoretician like El Naschie), who didn't want to get embroiled in the ElBaradei question, and El Naschie approves of that reluctance.

You can go read all the columns in English or Arabic.

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  1. April 14: Nobel Prize in «falafel»
    In this article it seems there one wrote on behalf of El naschie. If you translate this paragraph written below into English, you will find it is the style that one is talking about El naschie not El naschie talking about himself. It seems even in this journal there is no proofread or peer review at the formal level. The great man even could not write something respectable even in Arabic. The great man has chaos in his mind, this is obvious revealed in his writing whatever the language he used. Always, the language reflects the mental status of human being, that means a coherent use of language stems from a coherent mind.

    أما البرادعي فليس بعالم علي الإطلاق، ومن الناحية السياسية نجد أن النشائي طيلة حياته سياسي بحكم مخالطته لأحداث الاحتلال الإنجليزي والمقاومة وممارسته السياسة الشعبية العملية، إذ حمل بندقيته في سن 12 عامًا ضد الاحتلال ووالده من الضباط الأحرار، كما أن زويل أصبح سياسيًا بعد توليه منصب مبعوث أوباما الشخصي للشئون العلمية، أما البرادعي فليس سياسيًا علي الإطلاق وهناك فارق كبير بين السلك السياسي والدبلوماسي الذي ينتمي إليه البرادعي.