Saturday, April 17, 2010

Otto Rössler attacks Nature, defends El Naschie

The blog of David Glance has a 24 December 2008 post called The power of self-citation and self-publishing – the case of el Naschie. A long period of dormancy in the comments ended a few weeks ago, Shrink points out.

Readers may remember Otto Rössler, a Brotherhood member who is best known for warning that the LHC could cause the Earth to be swallowed by a black hole.

Two of the comments purport to be from Otto Rössler. The first, in German, is just satirical impersonation or parody not due to Rössler himself. The second, in English, complains about the former,

Someone totally devoid of character and morality lodged a comment on this blog signed falsely Otto Rossler.

and may actually be Rössler. He says things like

I find the allegations made by the article in question against Prof. Mohamed El Naschie who is a well known respectable Moslem, engineer, scientist and political figure in his country to be conduct unbecoming.

which is either real or at least an uncannily accurate imitation of Naschienal Socialist aphorisms.

On the other hand he writes "Rossler" rather than "Rössler" or "Roessler" so it's not entirely certain. Martin takes him to task for the spelling in a subsequent comment. I think it's probably the real Rössler.

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