Sunday, April 25, 2010

Puzzle pieces

This post is under construction. It is a miscellany of factoids and links mostly gleaned from recent reader comments. It's not intended to be read so much as referred to.

Dr. Yousry Saber Hussein El-Gamal was the Egyptian Minister of Education until recently. He was removed from his position a few months ago and was replaced by Ahmed Zaky Badr.

Hany Mahfouz Helal is the Egyptian Minister of Higher Education and State Minister for Scientific Research. The picture shows an affectionate kiss between El Naschie and Helal at the award ceremony we wrote about.

Confusingly, another Hany, Hany Elnazer, now retired, got into a fight with the former one over not being awarded the state prize in applied science, which he was expecting. (Link or photo wanted.) He is a friend of Gamal Mubarak.

In a power struggle, Hany Helal recently fired Dr. Mohamed El-Saadany, the president of the technology park built outside Cairo, "Mubarack's City for Science and technology". Here's the story about it on Seventh Day ( لليوم السابع ).

Bilal Fadl ( بلال فضل ) has a blog. He made fun of the Egyptian government's nonscientific science ministers, Helal and El-Gamal. Here is the story about that at Forerunner ( ElBashayer or البشير ).

Mona ElShazly is a TV presenter. She recently had a program on nanotechnology but didn't invite El Naschie, which angered him. He attacked her in a television interview we'd love to get our hands on. El Naschie doesn't know any more about nanotechnology than he does about physics, so she was right to omit him. Here are a couple of clips from her show, in Arabic, of course.

El Naschie whines about the slight on Rosa Al-Youssef. English or Arabic.

The opposition party ElWafd's newspaper has published an editorial pointing to the government's underhanded use of El Naschie against ElBaradei, a contender for the Egyptian presidency. English or Arabic.

Another aspirant for the Egyptian presidency is Amr Moussa. Wikipedia says of him "Critics of current Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak allege that Moussa's appointment to the Office of Secretary-General of the Arab League was motivated by Mubarak's desire to remove him from the public spotlight." In Iran and Amr Moussa's recommendation ( إيران ووصية عمرو موسي ) which bears El Naschie's name as author, a more literate and less confused writer surreptitiously ghost-writing for the Great Man is skeptical of Moussa's plan to include Iran in a regional group of countries.

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  1. > El Naschie whines about the slight on Rosa Al-Youssef. English or Arabic.

    The link
    is already taken down "does not exist or access denied" -- this blog sure wreaks havoc on sites in Egypt.

  2. Thanks for the warning. I have rescued it from Google's cache!

  3. One comment: El-Gamal was removed from his position as minister of education a few months ago and was replaced by Ahmed Zaky Badr.