Monday, April 19, 2010

Say something new

As I read El Naschie's daily column "Egypt Tomorrow" (original Arabic or Google's English translation) I wonder whether he'll be able to write it indefinitely to a standard that is satisfactory to Abdullah Kamal, the editor of Rosalyousef Daily. The problem I see cropping up is one of repetition. The Great Man is not a font of original wisdom. He has a few opinions and anecdotes he always trots out. Readers who have watched the Elbeet Beetak interview will have seen some of them.

Today's column, "loved your minds", contains these old chestnuts:

  • El Naschie is emotional and passionate.

  • Though he spent years abroad, he loves Egypt.

  • He works out scientific problems in his sleep.

There are these perennials from some of his other recent columns:

  • El Naschie's a theoretician, while Ahmed Zewail is an experimentalist.

  • ElBaradei (or whoever El Naschie disapproves of) is a Zionist tool or American lackey.

  • Schools are better than hospitals.

  • El Naschie's father was an army officer.

  • Benign dictatorship is good for Egypt.

He hasn't written that Egypt should invest in nanotechnology research, but as surely as the sun rises, he will.

For the interest of the readers of Rosalyousef Daily and El Naschie Watch, and for the sake of his job as a pundit, I hope he finds some new things to say.

A bit off topic but still on the subject of that newspaper, here's a column (English or Arabic) that rendered me speechless. The reporter interviewed some Arab women judges. One was described as "A female in every sense of the word... Beautiful, thin." Questions were asked about feminine emotionality, balancing work and home life, what her husband does for a living, and whether she wears makeup on the bench! To all appearances, she did not take offense. Cultural standards as to appropriate questions to ask powerful women differ from place to place, apparently. I don't know how it works everywhere but in the USA you simply must not go there. An imprudent American reporter recently asked Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi about her Giorgio Armani outfit. Duh! What could he have been thinking? He was met with icy contempt.

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  1. Abdullah Kamal, the editor of Rosalyousef Daily, is one of most silly journalist whose qualification is only limited to praise the current regime (Hosney Mubrak and his son Gamal as a possible successor). Beside attacking any one who is opponent to the Hosney Mubrak regime.

    El naschie takes the chance to play on the same tune, as the editor of of Rosalyousef Daily doing. These kind of people are praising any person as long as he is still in power, whoever this guy. The system in Egypt is deeply corrupted in a way you can't even imagine and in this kind of atmosphere these kind of people like El naschie, Abdullah Kamal and many similar ones grow up like grass.

  2. I agree with the above Anonymous comment. The standards of Mr. Kamal, the current editor of Rosa El-youssef are practically non-existent, so the douche fits the bill. It's personally saddening for me. I remember being a reader of the magazine when I was a teenager and it is quite appalling how low it's stooped since. For those of you unfamiliar with the magazine, it was started I believe in the 40's by a female journalist, Ms. Rosa El-youssef, and was later headed by her son, the great novelist Ihsan Abdel-kodous. After a famous altercation with the army officers after the coup d'etat of 1952, where Ihsan bravely (and maybe stupidly, wrote an article arguing that it was time for the army to go back to the barracks and allow a government of civilians to be established (for which he was arrested and learned not to do that again), the magazine has been more closely monitored by the government. And yet, many of the best journalists of the 50s, 60s and 70s emerged from what is called the Rosa El-youssef school. Since president Mubarak took over in '81, there has been a steady decline in journalistic standards in Egypt. I literally feel nauseated reading even Al-Ahram, the last bastion of integrity (almost completely corroded). Rosa has unfortunately become a joke after a series of editors appointed by the government whose orders have been to attack any opposition to the government. Recently they have taken on Dr. Elbaradei and they have just the douche loose on him. What a mess ..

  3. Thank you, commenters, for the information about the paper and its editor. Interesting and sad.

    I didn't know that about Abdullah Kamal, but it makes sense El Naschie would work for such a man. I have said in the past that I thought El Naschie is sycophantic toward the Mubaraks simply because they are in charge. He craves power, prestige, and attention. It's the same reason he collects pictures, and, if that's not possible, photoshops pictures of himself with Nobel Laureates. Speaking of which, he still has not removed the photoshop from the front page of his Web site. It seems impossible to shame the Great Man.

    Maybe repeating the same slogans over and over again is exactly what the paper wants. Too bad.