Monday, April 12, 2010

Scorpion300 comments on the interview

He isn't happy about it.

Martin directs my attention to this interesting page (original Arabic or Google's English translation). [Monday night update: WiNtEr SoNaTa has just removed the video of himself from the aforementioned page. At the moment it is still viewable on YouTube here. If that disappears as well perhaps we'll re-host it.]

There we learn that Mohammed Awad ( محمد عوض ) is the real name of WiNtEr SoNaTa, to whom we are grateful for uploading the Elbeet Beetak interview to MegaVideo. There's a picture of him, and you can even see him in a video if you go to the 0:27 mark.

El Naschie's brother Amr Elnashai, writing as Scorpion300, leaves this comment:

30-10-2009, 12:45 AM

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انا لا اشكك فى وطنية اى مصرى و فى الحقيقة انا لا اشكك فى وطنية الاستاذ خيرى رمضان احد نواب رئيس تحرير الاهرام وهى الجريدة المصرية التى اعتبرها مفخرة مصر و العالم العربى . I am not questioning the patriotism of any Egyptian, in fact I am not questioning the patriotism of Mr. Khairi Ramadan [El Naschie's interviewer], a deputy chief editor of Al Ahram Egyptian newspaper, which is considered a source of pride Egypt and the Arab world. ولكن كنت فى حيرة من امرى عندما شاهدت اللقاء الهام الذى اذيع الثلاثاء الماضى فى البرنامج المحبوب البيت بيتك . But you are confused about when I saw the important meeting, which was broadcast last Tuesday in the program loved yourself at home [Elbeet Beetak]. لقد استغربت فعلا من اللهجة التى يتكلم بها الاستاذ خيرى رمضان الى عالمنا المصرى الجليل الدكتور محمد النشائى . I really surprised by the tone of which is spoken by the professor Khairy Ramadan to our Egyptian Galilee, Dr. Mohamed Alnchaiy. وذاد استغرابى بل و اقول استائت من نوع الاسئلة التى وجها الى الدكتور النشائى و التى حاول فيها لسبب لا افهمه التقليل من شأن عالمنا العظيم . And it grew intrigued me and I say, but, dissatisfied with the type of questions that face-to Dr. Alnchaiy, which tried for a reason I do not understand underestimate our world [Google often mistranslates "scientist" as "world".] great. كل هذا احتملته بصبر . All of this Ahtmmelth patiently. اما ان يدافع الاستاذ خيرى رمضان بشكل غير مباشر عن تهيدات الموساد الاسرائيلى للدكتور النشائى بالقتل فهذا هو الا معقول . Either to defend Mr. Khairy Ramadan indirectly Thidat Israeli Mossad Dr. Alnchaiy death, it is only reasonable. الان وبعد ان عرفت ماذا فعل زويل للنشائى بدائت ان افهم قليلاً مغزى هذا الهجوم على عالمنا . Now that you know what to do Zewail Nchaiy: Sara to understand a little the significance of this attack on our world. ارجو ان اكون مخطئ و ارجو ان تكون اسرة البيت بيتك كانت ان تحاول ان تدافع عن زويل بالتقليل من شأن النشائى . I hope I am wrong and I hope that the family home was home to try to defend Zewail [Referring to Nobelist Ahmed Zewail] belittling Alnchaiy. الجميع يعرفون ان الدكتور زويل يمتلك اداة اعلاميه ضخمة فى الصحافة الخاصة و فى الفضائيات الغير حكومية . Everyone knows that Dr. Zewail possession of a huge publicity in the press, in private and non-governmental channels. النشائى لا يملك اى شئ مماثل ولكن البيت بيتك يذاع على قناة حكومية ولا يجب فى اى حال من الاحوال ان يستخدم بهذه الصورة ضد عالم مصرى اصيل لحساب عالم اخر مصرى كان او امريكياً . Alnchaiy does not have anything similar House, however, your home is broadcast on the channel state should not in any way be used in this way against an Egyptian scientist to calculate the Thoroughbred world was an Egyptian or American. الرجاء من استاذنا الفاضل خيرى رمضان ان يوضح الامور الى قراء موقعنا الرائع Please virtuous of our teacher Khairy Ramadan explains things to readers of our wonderful

This confirms that the interview aired on Egyptian state television on Tuesday, October 27, 2009.

Scorpion300 can see that the interview didn't go well for the Great Man, and he blames Zewail's publicity machine.

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  1. > our Egyptian Galilee, Dr. Mohamed Alnchaiy

    > Mr. Khairi Ramadan [El Naschie's interviewer], a deputy chief editor of Al Ahram Egyptian newspaper

    Note that Al-Ahram (the oldest and regarded as most prestigious daily newspaper in Egypt) has been aware of the fraud for a few years. ElN is compared to Galileo in the above, but in this article published during the Einstein centenary year (July, 2005):,
    he's called the "Einstein of Egypt", and it describes a conference to be held toward the end of that year in China (organized by J.-H. He), to commemorate jointly El Naschie's and Einstein's theories. (use google translate)

    The interview makes all the familiar claims, that he's one of history's greatest physicists along with Newton and Einstein, his discoveries make him even more important than Einstein since his theory is the correct one that solves all the contradictions between physics and nature, that he's a professor at Cambridge, that he's been nominated for the Nobel Prize in physics but he doesn't receive it because he has the wrong nationality.

    It is subtitled "El Naschie the Einstein of Egypt", the man who changed the history of physics, "China celebrates El Naschie at the end of the year", "Physical inventions by the Pharaonic genius nominate him for Nobel prize". The journalist assumed it was some breakthrough piece, but the article was quickly attacked by Egyptian physicists, explaining among other things that he's a fraud, not a Professor in Cambridge, he uses his money to buy people to help him in his false claims, especially in the developing world, including India and China, he abuses his role as editor of an Elsevier journal and uses it for his own dishonest aims, including stealing other authors' submissions and publishing them under his name, he has not been nominated for the Nobel Prize in physics and has been using this lie to promote himself for many years, and his scientific claims are mostly false and reflect a sick, wealthy and corrupt egomania.
    (Recall that not all of Egyptian physics is corrupt.)

    Insulted that they were swindled by him, the newspaper began to reinvestigate a few weeks later, contacting scientists around the world, but were threatened by lawsuits, and El Naschie also threatened to use his connections to destroy anyone involved. (He always claims that he is connected to people in high places, indeed quite possible since the corruption means everything is for sale. He has even cooked up false court cases against members of his own family, using corruption and bribery to hit them with false accusations.)

    Plug El Naschie (in either of its arabic versions) into the Al-Ahram front page search box for other gems.

  2. Great information in your comment, thank you. Khairy Ramadan really beat the stuffing out of poor Mohamed. There must be an element of revenge for hoodwinking Al-Ahram.

    He has even cooked up false court cases against members of his own family, using corruption and bribery to hit them with false accusations.

    Is that how Said Elnashaie's wife Shadia Al-Shishini got jail time? How awful. I remember that she was eventually released for lack of evidence. The family feud with Said is a spectacle to behold.

  3. "He has even cooked up false court cases against members of his own family, using corruption and bribery to hit them with false accusations."

    And it must have been a big triumph for the scorpion, since he is roaming about it whereever he can.

  4. I doubt Al-Ahram has anything against the douche, at least not at the editorial level. If you search their website you will find that there are many adulatory articles about him long after the interview in question and no negative articles that mention him by name. I am not sure what Khairy's motivations were. In Egyptian TV standards the interview didn't go that bad for him.

  5. I don't know about Egyptian TV standards, but Khairy took no prisoners. He began with "some have said these are empty claims". Then he asked skeptically about Mossad's alleged assassination plot, Nobel-worthiness, and modesty. In the last 30 seconds he twisted the knife with the question about self-publishing in his vanity journal. El Naschie wanted to keep going with the interview because it was a bad place to stop, appearance-wise.

    Anyone know where El Naschie is these days and how he's doing? Is he back in Egypt after his operation?

  6. > In the last 30 seconds he twisted the knife with the question about self-publishing in his vanity journal.

    If Khairy really wanted to twist the knife, he should have come prepared with this data:

    Khairy: How many research papers have you published?

    The douche (uncomfortably): .. eh .. I don't know, I don't count .. a lot

    Khairy: You don't know how to count? On the internet it says 346

    The douche: Ok. That sounds like .. a lot

    Khairy: Were most of them in a journal you were its editor in chief?

    The douche: No, that is not correct at all

    Khairy: Not true? You mean 323 of 346 is not most?

    The douche: Not true for a simple reason, 323 out of 346 is not related to the golden mean which I invented

    Khairy: Of course

    The douche: And then the quantity ... before that I was an engineer, and all my papers were still in engineering, and the number of papers published made me qualified for the job.

    Khairy: That would be 7 papers, and you certainly lived up to that qualification. Thank you for being here. Good night everyone

  7. If there had been more time, the interview might have continued like that.

    This is just breathtaking:

    Khairy: Were most of them in a journal you were its editor in chief?

    The douche: No, that is not correct at all.

    When I read this kind of thing I wonder what's going through his mind as he says it. It's such a huge lie, and so easily checked.

  8. I'm studying Anonymous's 9:58 AM post but all links at seem to be failing.

  9. I'm studying Anonymous's 9:58 AM post but all links at seem to be failing.

    They currently work (the great man has not been able to shut them down)

  10. Hi Anonymous,

    On I am still getting "The page cannot be displayed" HTTP Error 500 - Internal server error. works but takes forever to load.


  11. Same here. I get this archive page:
    But when I click a day, dead end.

  12. Yikes you are correct.
    Searching for El Naschie in Al-Ahram front page works, but all the /Archive/... links for all the many search results now lead to "not found" errors.
    But that applies to searches on other arabic words as well that lead to links to /Archive/..., so it's at least possible they are experiencing temporary problems with their entire back database.

    On the other hand, it is an odd coincidence. Perhaps the great one's operatives, monitoring comments in this very blog, have quickly employed corrupt contacts within to disable the Al-Ahram archives from unwanted eyes? It wasn't obvious that you needed to act more quickly ...

    The page
    (and its google translated version) are still in my browser cache, but it is just the standard egomaniacal swill about the great one outshining Newton and Einstein but denied Nobel prize due to nationality, and uninteresting.

    The author of the 13 Jul 05 article was Sohila Nazmi, whom search showed continued to have short articles on other subjects afterwards, mainly calendar type entries, but few in the past year, so perhaps has left the newspaper.

  13. I think .htm pages are broken while .aspx pages are working. I tried جيهان فاضل Jihan Fadel with the same results. So it looks to me like a temporary technical problem, not a conspiracy.

  14. These links work for me:

    All the other many links worked till last week. I went through them all looking for something critical of the douche, but didn't find anything but blind adulation.

  15. The douche strikes again and again

  16. Believe it or not, the douche now contributes a daily column to the newspaper Rosa Elyoussef:


  18. other anonymous said:

    > These links work for me:

    As mentioned, only
    links seem to be affected, but all of them are now broken, regardless of whether they referred to the great one.

    I very much regret that my casual mention of the Nazmi article from Jul 05 in this forum has evidently resulted in the entirety of the Al-Ahram archival content taken down. It had long been available. El Douchie and his minions win a Pyrrhic victory.

  19. Anonymous (Jan 6):
    I just talked with a civil engineer professor friend of mine who told me how relieved they were at U. of Illinois to see Amr Elnashai depart, he described him as an angry men full of tricks who will only work on his self-promotion. Poor Penn State University never figured the pathological genes running in this family.