Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Search for the Great Man's thesis

A reader investigating El Naschie's early papers in engineering points to this Wiley InterScience page, where abstracts of eight papers can be viewed.

Look at this abstract in particular:

Nonlinear Isometric Bifurcation and Shell Buckling
Prof. Dr. M. S. El Naschie
Faculty of Engineering, Civil Eng. Department, Riyadh University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

A simple concept for studying the lower stability limit of shell structures which is based on the theory of isometric transformation of surfaces is outlined. The influence of imperfection on the lower stability limit is discussed in the case of axially compressed cylindrical shells.

Received: 12 October 1975

That date is implausibly early for him to be claiming the title "Prof. Dr." in view of his 1974 doctoral thesis:

System number: 014720109
Cataloguing level: Minimal record
Author - personal: El Nashie, M. S.
Title: The roll of formulation in elastic buckling.
Publisher/year: [S.l.] : University of London, 1974.
Physical descr.: pp. 348.
Dissertation: Doctoral Thesis - University of London.
Reproduction note: Microfilm. 35 mm.
Added name: University of London.
Holdings (All): Details
Shelfmark: D11176/74 DSC Request

In fact, it would be implausubly early even if his first papers were spectacular, which they aren't. I have always maintained that he's not a professor.

Readers may recall that Die Zeit, after El Naschie's legal challenge, gave him credit for a PhD. So I have always assumed his thesis exists, even if it's strangely elusive. Our skeptical reader wants more evidence. He judges that based on the poor quality of El Naschie's Chaos, Solitons and Fractals papers, El Naschie couldn't write a defensible thesis, and if one exists it may have been written by someone else.

He may have a point. I just went to the British Library's Integrated Catalog and searched for the alleged shelfmark with this result (click the pic for a bigger one, or follow this link to try the search yourself):

Very odd! We must get our hands on that thesis, if it exists. Readers in physical proximity to the British Library -- can you shed some light?

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