Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Something good is coming

It may take a couple of weeks, but it'll be worth the wait.

One of the El Naschie Watch partners believes he can provide us with a document we have long sought. Fingers crossed.

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  1. It is good, if we can get the Ph.D thesis of the great man. I have the strong feeling that there is some one else who has written the thesis for the great man. I think you will find a lot of corruptions and bribery involved in the life of the great man starting in his very early stage as a young man.
    I also think that his brother Amr El naschie was somehow involved in that matter. If we follow thoroughly the history of the great man and his brother Amr, we find a lot of surprises. The history of Said El naschie could be also of great help.

    Also I think that his recent cancer operation is just another big lie. He has pretended to do cancer operation to get publicity and to be a focus of media light. Can any one get official documents to prove that he has really done this claimed cancer operation from the files of the claimed hospital.

  2. I always wanted to have this not become personal and separate between the things I don't like about what El Nashcie does and himself as a person. Since it wouldn't affect too much the way I'm looking at the one part of this, I'd say, we avoid argumentum ad hominem.
    In other words, the surgery should be left out, as his family, wife, daughters etc. as long as he himself doesn't throw it into the discussion. That's what I think about it.

  3. Zahy,

    I fully expect the thesis to become available within two weeks. If it doesn't, I'll suspect foul play.

    Mohamed and Amr are very close, and their families are close. There are some parallels between the two brothers, for example they both founded poor quality journals.

    El Naschie's cancer surgery is successful named the hospital where he had surgery as reported in Seventh Day. You are unusually sceptical.



    If the surgery is fake, that's valid, relevent, and newsworthy; not ad hominem. I can hardly believe the Great Man would do that, but I didn't think he'd think he'd photoshop himself with Nobel Laureates either, as you suggested about a year ago, and I dropped the ball on that, so I am interested in what Zahy thinks.

    I appreciate Zahy's sceptisism, which always exceeds mine, and has led to several lines of investigation on this blog that wouldn't have been made without his urging. So I give him a pass on his conjecture about the surgery, even though I think it's far-fetched.

    The more we learn about El Naschie the more we see his propensity to make huge lies casually. On Elbeet Beetak he said he didn't publish most of his papers in CSF. There is some justification in calling him a pathological liar, even if that's an ad hominem attack.


  4. I agree with you Martin. But, the great man appeared in a TV program and many press interview to announce that he is going to do cancer operation. Then he decided to make a prize for cancer research after his cancer recovery.

    Also he announced in many TV programs that he changed his research field into nanotechnology because he found that nanotechnology could cure genetic disorder disease. He personally and his daughter suffered form this genetic disorder as he said. He was cured but not his daughter as he said. He announce TV program and many press interview that he has changed his research field to nanotechnology due this reasons!!!!!!!

  5. Zahy, I didn't know that. Can you give a link about the genetic disease?

  6. In an interview for rosaElyousif,, but unfortunately I can't find it now. But this just a copy of this interview in the site

    أريد أن أستفسر عن السر وراء ولعك واهتمامك بالنانو تكنولوجى منذ 12 عاما وحتى الآن؟
    - سأبوح لك بالسر والذى أعلنه لأول مرة، فإحدى ابنتى أصابها مرض خطير منذ سنوات نادر الحدوث على مستوى العالم، وشفاؤها الوحيد كما قال لى الأطباء لن يكون إلا بالنانو تكنولوجى، وأنا أرجو الله العلى القدير أن يصل العلماء لعلاجها.

    The rough translation of this
    The interviewer asked the great mam about the secret for his interest about Nano since 12 years and till now.

    The great man replied, I will till you about this secret for the first time. My daughter since many years has been sick by very rare disease and she could be cured only by Nano-technology as I have been told by doctors.

    As I have told before, in Egyptian TV program, he was telling about this disease which is genetic disorder.

  7. > Can you give a link about the genetic disease?

    See Delusions of Grandiosity

  8. >>Delusions of Grandiosity

    I laughed when I read that but it would explain a lot. It would explain why he expects to believed when he says all the ridiculous things he says.

  9. > ... it would explain a lot

    See also Grandiose delusions and Megalomania.

    The open question in this case is whether the man is a charlatan, i.e., has knowingly pretended abilities or achievement to advance himself, or is delusional, i.e., actually believes that he moved from a successful career as an engineer to make fundamental contributions to physics which go unrecognized due to his nationality. (Or perhaps whether he began as a charlatan and only later became delusional.)

    There is evidence that he is truly delusional -- how else to explain why he would so publicly flout various norms of professional propriety as editor of CSF, show up at 't Hooft's birthday party, and generally make public statements that are so easily disproven. But it's also important to recall that he began playing this game before the widespread availability of electronic resources for fact-checking of modern con artists, so he may have been lulled into a false sense of security in his ability to operate under the radar. Many of his generation have figured out it's a different world now in that regard from two decades ago, but he may not have fully adapted to it.

  10. > Something good is coming

    Here's something while you're biding your time for his thesis: although his 60th Birthday Festschrift is "temporarily out of stock", there are copies available at the Amazon marketplace.

    Contributions from the usual suspects:

    Product Description

    Space and Time are the prison bars of reality. Space Time Physics and Fractality is an attempt to tunnel through the rigidity of it all - by turning everything into dust or smoke. These two ancient traditions are brought together here for the first time - in the spirit of Democritus and Anaxagoras. Mohamed El Naschie, the sexagenarian, is the "dust dragon". The book contains papers by people who are infected by the same virus of desperately wanting to understand, and represents an incomparable breakthrough. Not for the feebleminded, however.

    About the Author

    Mohamed El Naschie. Frankfurt Institute of Advanced Studies, Frankfurt, Germany, and Department of Physics, University of Alexandria, Alexandria, Egypt. ...