Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Birthday Book can be yours

A reader points out that you can get the famous El Naschie Birthday book through

Only £19.00 + £2.75 delivery for a used copy.

I just noticed that Paolo Grigolini, one of the new co-Editors-in-Chief of Chaos, Solitons and Fractals, (replacing the fired Editor-in-Chief El Naschie) has a piece in the Birthday Book. Awkward.

Quite a bit of the book can be read here, Zahy mentions:

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  1. You can see more pages of the book on google books.

    It is strange that Paolo Grigolini (The new editor of CSF) described El naschie, in the introduction of his article, as the champion of a new physics. This is obviously means that Paolo Grigolini doesn't know physics.

  2. Paolo Grigolini and the other editor Maurice Courbage both read this blog sometimes, but they have never commented.


  3. Hmmm... Amr Elnashai's short letter in this book is quite interesting.

  4. New video for the douche:

  5. You two Anonymouses above are both frequent visitors and valued commenters, but you are two different people. If you used nicknames readers could tell you apart. ;)

  6. Amr's piece is indeed interesting, and so is Nottale's. I should probably use OCR to make them into a text file and archive it.

    As for the video -- wow! I wish I understood it. All I got was "attention span" and "quote unquote". :)

    I'll blog these.

  7. I meant Garnet Ord's piece, not Nottale's.

  8. How one can extract text from that book

    I can't even print the pages, it appears in print
    preview as an empty. Your help will be appreciated.

  9. Zahy, I am working on it. Here is the method.

    Install Gadwin Printscreen 4.4 freeware.

    With the mouse, select the desired areas of the screen in a rectangle and save it as MyScreenshot001.jpg, MyScreenshot002.jpg etc.

    When you have all the .jpgs, go to

    Upload each .jpg and copy the text they generate to Notepad.


    The larger and clearer the original page previews appear on your screen, the better the text will be. Less manual cleanup required. only lets you make ten conversions per hour.

    This should work for Arabic too but I have not found a free OCR (Optical Character Recognition) site for that.

    ABBYY FineReader is among the best software for OCR but it's not free.

    You can avoid and use Microsoft Office OneNote 2007 instead, but the OCR isn't quite as good in my experience. Right-click and choose "convert picture to text". Undoubtedly this works in the Arabic version of OneNote.

    Whether you use OneNote or free-ocr, the text will contain hard carriage returns (line breaks). I prefer to get rid of those in Microsoft Word as described here:

    As you see, it is a laborious process. If you only want a page or two of text it's easier to type it yourself.

  10. doesn't create hard line breaks! Nice. And I think it has no per-hour limit. If you register you can choose output formats and input languages. Though not Arabic, unfortunately.

  11. > It is strange that Paolo Grigolini (The new editor of CSF) ...

    Speaking of which there's an update here:
    Elsevier's Chaos, Solitons & Fractals: Risen phoenix or missed opportunity?