Monday, May 17, 2010

El Naschie distraught at beauty pageant outcome

The 2010 Miss USA pageant has been won by 24-year-old Miss Michigan 2010, Rima Fakih, an Arab American and Shia Muslim born in New York, raised in Dearborn, and whose family is originally from Lebanon.

Interviewed by Nile News in Cairo, El Naschie, wiping away tears, had this to say.

Miss Fakih makes a good impression in a swim suit, but my contributions to beauty pageantry are of a more theoretical nature.

I have been nominated several times for Miss USA, including by my teacher, Kimberly Tomes, who won Miss USA in 1977. She loved me quite a bit, and let me sit at her vanity table, so you guys can say what you want.

Everyone knows I deserve the sparkly tiara several times over; but I am a Sunni, named Mohamed, and my passport is Egyptian. The judges in the Weitzmann Institute in Israel who make the decision -- yes, I said Israel, not Las Vegas -- had the last word, and the prize lost its way.

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