Monday, May 17, 2010

El Naschie expresses annoyance

His expertise in nanotechnology is insufficiently appreciated.

Our translator who regards El Naschie as a douche explains the new Rosa Al-Youssef column as follows:

Anonymous said...

His May 18th column is online. He has finally lost all his marbles (if he had any left). An attack on Mona Elshazly for not bringing him on her program when she discussed nanotechnology, an attack on Mostafa El-Sayed (Chemistry, GTech), and an attack on a businessman who had the audacity to seed fund a center on nano-technology [This may be related.] without consulting the douche.

A silly journalist at Rosa ElYoussef attacked Mona Elshazly a few months ago (basically because she invites opposition figures on her program) and called her a "media monologist". The word "monologist" refers to the Egyptian equivalent of a standup comedian, and in general implies some one whose statements cannot be taken seriously. The douche decides to use that in his article and in his title. Unfortunately for the douche, there is no Nobel for douche-ness.

Here's the whole thing in line:

اليوميات > «النانو» و«المنولوجست» و«المراجيح»
Diary > «Nanotechnology» and «Monologist» and «swings»

مصر الغد Egypt tomorrow

كتب د. Books d. محمد النشائى Mohamed Alnchaiy
العدد 1490 - الثلاثاء - 18 مايو 2010 No. 1490 - Tuesday - May 18, 2010

طالما بح صوتي أنادي بإنشاء مدينة أو هيئة علمية لنانو تكنولوجي ذلك العلم الجديد الذي يدخل في كل صناعة كما يدخل في شتي العلوم وللاسف لم أجد من يجيبني من المسئولين عن التعليم في مصر وفجأة وبدون مقدمات يظهر أحد رجال الأعمال من مالكي الفضائيات وينشئ مركزاً للنانو تكنولوجي لا أجد مغزا منه إلا باعتباره مصرفا جاهزا لمنحة الرئيس الأمريكي باراك أوباما والمقدرة بمليارات للبحث العلمي في البلاد الإسلامية. As long as the cracking voice proclaim the establishment of a city or a scientific body of the nano technology that the new science that goes into every industry has also been incorporated in various sciences and, unfortunately, I did not answer me from education officials in Egypt, suddenly and without warning, shows a businessman from the owners of satellite channels and creates a center for Nano Technology does not Mgza I find it only as a bank is ready to grant U.S. President Barack Obama and the estimated billions of scientific research in Islamic countries.

إحدي الإعلاميات الشهيرات والتي أصبحت أطلق عليها «منولوجست الإعلام» ساهمت بشكل كبير في هذا الأمر ووفق خطوات منظمة استطاعت أن تمحو كل مطالباتي السابقة التي استمرت 15 عاما لانشاء هذه الهيئة التي عرضت علي الدولة تمويلها من مالي الخاص ومن غير المعقول أن تذهب منحة أوباما للبحث العلمي إلي إحدي شركات العاب المراجيع ولا أنكر أني شعرت بشيء من الغضب الذي لم أكن لاشعر به لو ضاع حقي المادي ولكن مالا أقبله أن يضيع حقي العلمي في مصر. One of Computation celebrities, which has become known as «Monologist Media» contributed significantly to this and according to the steps the Organization has been able to wipe out all Mtalibati previous 15 years for the establishment of this body, which was offered to the State funding of my own and it is reasonable to go grant Obama for Scientific Research to one of the companies games Alemrajie do not deny I felt some anger that I did not feel it if lost my right to the physical, but I accept that the money lost my right to education in Egypt.

ولتبسيط مفهوم النانو تكنولوجي أوضح أنه عندما يريد شخص أن يصنع «كرسي» مثلا فلن يستطيع ذلك إلا بعد العثور علي شجرة وبطريقة معينة من التصنيع يستخدم خشبها لصنع الكرسي، أما عند استخدام النانو تكنولوجي فالوصول إلي هذا الكرسي يكون مباشرة دون اللجوء إلي الطرق التقليدية الطبيعية ويعرف النانو بأنه الطريقة الذكية لمحاكاة الطبيعة بعيدا عن كل ما هو متعارف عليه وهذا العلم يدخل في الطب والكيمياء والصناعة وغيرها. To simplify the concept of nanotechnology explained that when someone wants to make «chair» for example, will not be able to do so only after finding a tree in a certain way of manufacturing that uses wood to make the chair, but when you use nanotechnology Access to this chair is directly without resorting to traditional methods of natural and known Nanotechnology as a smart way to simulate the nature away from everything that is customary and enter this science in medicine, chemistry, industry and others.

ورغم أن هذا العلم أصبح محط اهتمام كثير من دول العالم خرج علينا أحد أبرز العلماء ذو أصل مصري في حوار من ثلاثة أجزاء مع رئيس تحرير إحدي الصحف الخاصة يقول فيه إنه لا يوجد شيء يسمي بالنانو تكنولوجي واستطاع بذلك أن ينجح في تعطيل مسيرة هذا التطور العلمي في مصر. Although this flag has become a focus of attention of many countries of the world came to us one of the leading scientists is of Egyptian origin in a dialogue of three parts with the editor of a newspaper for saying that there is no such thing as nanotechnology and thus able to succeed in disrupting the march of this scientific development in Egypt.

إن امكانية الانطلاقة العلمية متاحة ومتوفرة لدينا بشرط توفير التمويل اللازم لهذه الانطلاقة والتخلي عن السلبيات التي تؤدي إلي هجر العقول والنوابغ، ونستطيع أن نقول إن السفينة العلمية جيدة وتحتاج فقط إلي «ترسين ووقود كاف وموظفين ببرج المراقبة» لضمان الابحار بقوة. The possibility of breakthrough science accessible and available to us, provided necessary funding for this launch and abandon the negative aspects that lead to the abandonment of the mind and genius, and we can say that the ship's scientific good and just need to «Tarcin and fuel sufficient to staff the control tower» to ensure the sail force.

فالقائد العلمي ليس بالضرورة أن يكون عالما ولكن لابد أن يكون مديرا جيدا لهذه المنظومة وأن يلقي احترام أفراد سفينته وهنا أقول إن أصعب قيادة هي قيادة العلماء لأنهم متساوون في كثير من الأمور مع قائدهم كما أن من طباعهم الميل إلي المناقشة وابداء الحجج وعدم تنفيذ التعليمات ألا بعد الاقتناع بها. A leader of scientific is not necessarily scientists, but should be a good manager of the system and is honored by members of the ship here and say the most difficult leadership is to lead the scientists because they are equal in many things with their leader is also temperament tendency to debate and show the arguments and non-implementation of instructions not yet accept.

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  1. Wednesday, May 19, 2010. Red Eye. Arabic or English.

    Israel has nukes and Egypt doesn't, and that doesn't sit well with El Naschie. Ultimately he'd like nobody in the region to have WMDs, but in order to get Israel to give hers up, Egypt must first get some to negotiate from a position of strength. He's said all this before in earlier columns.

  2. The Rosa Al-Youssef column is up. Thursday, May 19, 2010. Fighting investment. Arabic or English.

    El Naschie says that foreign investment in Egypt is, on balance, a good thing. He has "confidence in the current system and the leadership of President «Hosni Mubarak»". He concludes by warning the media against publishing news that could "cast doubt on the strength of the Egyptian economy".

  3. Friday, May 21. Robabica. Arabic or English.

    El Naschie talks about "Robabica" or "Alrobabikia" by which I think he means tired old ideas, but I'm not sure. He criticizes Mohamed ElBaradei in the last paragraph.

  4. The Sunday, May 23, 2010 Rosa Al-Youssef column is called "star brightness Saudi". English or Arabic.

    He approves of a Saudi plan for "an integrated city for energy sciences focused on nuclear power". He likes Saudi Arabia's clean streets and orderly traffic.

  5. The Monday, May 24 column is up. Cairo-Riyadh. Arabic or English.

    El Naschie continues talking about Saudi Arabia: Ask any Saudi who's the best friend and ally of Saudi Arabia and they'll tell you Egypt. President Mubarak's rule is the golden age of Gulf relations especially with Saudi Arabia. El Naschie saw a Saudi citizen point to the king and say "You, Faisal" which shows the Saudi king has a common touch totally unlike for example the elitist British royals.

    This is another example of tailoring the message to the audience. In Surrey he'd be talking about the well-loved traditions of pomp and ceremony that surround the queen. He has no beliefs, only momentary triangulations.

  6. Tuesday, May 25, 2010. Modernity Arabia. Arabic or English.

    The third column in a row about Saudi Arabia. This is a very boring article. El Naschie tends to write three articles on a topic, and then to move on. So I predict that tomorrow he will talk about something other than Saudi Arabia.

    I wish his columns allowed reader comments.