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El Naschie, Ji-Huan He, and nanotechnology

It's always seemed odd that El Naschie should fixate on promoting nanotechnology. He has no professional expertise in it, any more than he does in physics. El Naschie invariably says, for example in Elbeet Beetak, that he promotes it for the good of Egypt: It's a cost effective technology for Egypt to invest in to compete in the global economy.

So he does it for Egypt.

Or could there be more to it than that? How did he get interested in nanotechnology in the first place?


Here is a link to El Naschie Watch that came in today. Original Chinese or Google's English.

That page leads to a wealth of Ji-Huan He material, all critical of him. We'll return to that later. But first look at this timeline, keeping in mind that International Journal of Nonlinear Sciences and Numerical Simulation (IJNSNS) is Ji-Huan He's journal, and Chaos, Solitons and Fractals (CSF) was El Naschie's.

  • 2003. Ji-Huan He's first paper in CSF appears.

  • 2004. Ji-Huan He's first paper with the word "nanotechnology" appears. It's in IJNSNS.

  • 2005. In Shanghai, Ji-Huan He gives a birthday party for El Naschie.

  • 2006. El Naschie's first papers in IJNSNS appear. There are six of them that year.

  • 2006. El Naschie publishes "Nanotechnology for the developing world" in CSF.

Thus we see a relationship developing during this period, with El Naschie's interest in nanotechnology perhaps rubbing off from Ji-Huan He. Ji-Huan He's involvement is easy to understand. Donghua University is institutionally interested in nanotechnology because it is a center of textile research.


In one of his interviews criticizing Nobel Laureate Ahmed Zewail, El Naschie made this pitch:

وأشار إلى أن أحد العلماء طلب من مصر بليون دولار لعمل مبادرة النانو تكنولوجي- في إشارةٍ لزويل- إلا أنه لم يطلب أكثر من 50 مليون جنيه مصري. He pointed out that one of the scientists asked Egypt billion dollars for the work of the Nanotechnology Initiative - a reference to the scientist - but it did not ask for more than 50 million pounds.

وأوضح أن مشروع النانو تكنولوجي يعد مشروعًا قوميًّا بعد أن اختفت المشاريع القومية في مصر بالانتهاء من السد العالي الذي حارب الجهل والتأخر، ويعد مشروع مبادرة "النانو" مشروعًا قوميًّا من نوعٍ آخر بما سيحدثه لمصر من تقدمٍ واللحاق بركب الدول المتقدمة خاصةً في ظل تدشين "الهيئة العليا للنانو تكنولوجي والتقنيات الحديثة"، معربً The draft Nanotechnology is a national project that disappeared after the national projects in Egypt, the completion of the Aswan High Dam, who fought ignorance and backwardness, and prepare a draft of the "nano" a national project of another kind, including to Egypt, will make progress and catch up with developed countries, especially in light of the launch of "The Supreme Nano Technology and modern technologies ", Arabized

In other words, "Why pay a billion? My nanotechnology plan only costs 50 million!" This looks like an attempt to insert himself into a position of influence over the disbursement of large amounts of Egyptian treasury money.


Let us return to the page we got visited from today. Below the quote from El Naschie Watch, there are several related links, the second of which was left by Shi-Min Fang, also known as Fang Zhouzi. S.M. Fang turns out to be an interesting guy. He is a PhD biochemist who is the proprietor of this page, Chinese or English, devoted to rooting out academic corruption.

It's chock full of stinging criticism of Chinese academia. It's in Chinese, but whois shows it to be hosted in San Diego, California, which could explain how S.M. Fang is getting away with it.


This text file by S.M. Fang, mostly in English, is so awesome you'll want to read the whole thing, but I'll just quote the relevant part.

Since last year, we have investigated and exposed dozens of scientific corruptions happened in China. They can be divided into four categories:

1) Commercial schemes promoted as new scientific developments and involved scientists, for instance, health fraud and "nano-products". You can find many types of products in Chinese market claiming using nano-technology, such as "nano-washing machine", "nano-refrigerator", "nano-clothing", "nano-water", "nano-necktie", etc, supported by scientists. It is said that China is leading in the development of nano-technology and products in the world, and is entering the "nano-age".


"Counsel allegation is no proof" is of course a funny line from the Elbeet Beetak video. I couldn't resist using it.

There is no proof of wrongdoing in all this, but taken together, the main points are suggestive. Here they are:

  • Ji-Huan He is institutionally tied to nanotechnology through Donghua University.

  • El Naschie and Ji-Huan He are known science scammers and close friends.

  • Ji-Huan He persuaded El Naschie to hop aboard the nanotechnology gravy train.

  • El Naschie makes "Nanotechnology for the developing world" his policy centerpiece.

  • El Naschie tries to influence Egyptian nanotechnology spending to the tune of 50 million pounds.

  • And now we learn that nanotechnology is to China what 419 scams are to Nigeria.

Egypt should keep an eye on its wallet while the Great Man is in town.

Posts about Ji-Huan He:

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