Monday, May 10, 2010

El Naschie on Nile News, May 5, 2010

Five minutes long. He's talking about education. It's in Arabic only, except when he says "quote unquote" and "attention span".

Here is the accompanying description:

تطوير التعليم هئية الجودة تستعين بعلماء مصر بالخارج

Nilenews1 — May 05, 2010 — - .من القاهرة النيل الإخبارية
من أجل تطوير التعليم " الهيئة القومية للجودة تستعين بمائة عالم مصري " تشكيل مجلس إستشاري لوضع أسس وقواعد تطوير التعليم بمصر مع العالم د. محمد النشائي أستاذ الهندسة الوراثية
Category: Education
من القاهرة تطوير التعليم بمصر علماء مصر بالخارج النيل للأخبار

The development of education quality COICA use scientists Egypt abroad

Nilenews1 - May 05, 2010 - - ... . From Cairo Nile News
For the development of education, "the National Authority for the quality use hundred Egyptian scientist" to form an advisory council to lay the foundations and rules of the development of education in Egypt with the world d. Mohamed Alnchaiy professor of genetic engineering
Category: Education
The development of education in Cairo, Egypt Egypt's scientists abroad Nile News

Thanks to an anonymous reader for the heads up, and to the YouTube uploader, Nilenews1.

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  1. By the way, it's odd that the credits call him a professor of genetic engineering. I've never heard that claim before.

  2. In this TV interview, it is written in the title that El naschie is a professor of nuclear engineering!!!!!

    Usually in Egyptian TV, the interviewers are disqualified and they don't have any scientific culture at all. So, it would not be strange that they will describe the great man as Prof. of Nano, sometimes of Prof. of nuclear Engineering, Nobel prize nominee. The same applies to Egyptian journalists.

    In the future, you will find the great man working on genetic engineering or as a geart surgeon, or discovered an aids vaccine, thanks to the E-infinity theory.

  3. Nano, nuclear, genetic... in the birthday book, Amr says El Naschie advises changing his field of study every ten years. So maybe El Naschie is just practicing what he preaches.

    A while back our readers expressed concern that El Naschie might pose a danger to the public should he actually practice engineering. At least with E-infinity theory he could do no harm. Unfortunately it appears he wrote a paper applying E-Infinity theory to nuclear reactor design. The co-author was from KACST, Riyadh.

    Promoting Egyptian nanotech