Thursday, May 13, 2010

El Naschie Watch struggles to gain respectability

We take down several quasi-pornographic or scurrilous posts. They had been an ongoing source of complaints and criticism of El Naschie Watch ever since they were posted a year or so ago.

The most notorious were part of an "aversion therapy" series. These contained photoshopped images of El Naschie designed to shock and infuriate El Naschie and his supporters. One of the now-deleted posts stated:

A successful treatment for arachnophobia is letting tarantulas walk on you, I understand.

These poor-quality knockoff photoshops are similarly intended for those who find that non-respectful photoshops of El Naschie throw them into a murderous rage.

Instructions for use: Stare at these three pictures, one after another, until the murderous impulse passes. Let me know if you need more photoshops for the treatment to be effective.

There's this from the comment section:

Anonymous said...

ahhh... I tried, but it is still difficult. I could look at them for about 10 seconds but then it got all blurry and I just heard these voices in my head, chanting "kill kill kill" and laughing. But I want to manage that. We will talk tomorrow in the group about it again. Is it true, you don't tear photoshoppers apart in Seattle when you recognize them on the street?

Jason said...

Haha. That's right. In Seattle we usually ignore them. If their transgressions are egregious enough, we might send them to a cultural sensitivity class. But in no case do we tear photoshoppers to bits in the street.

The crude photoshops, some of them nonetheless fairly amusing, were a response to death threats in the early days of this blog. El Naschie and his followers complained about the images, of course; but Arab and Muslim critics of El Naschie who hated to see the credibility of El Naschie Watch undermined complained as well. The images were also the reason (or excuse, depending on your perspective) given by the Arabic version of Wikipedia for not linking to El Naschie Watch. Most recently, journalist Richard Poynder cited them as a reason not to link to this blog.

On March 13, 2009 an El Naschie watch reader left this comment:

The elnaschiewatch could have remained a more informative resource, but seems compromised by the webmaster's curious predilection for homoerotic imagery.

El Naschie Watch began largely as a vehicle for my amusement and taunts of the Great Man, but we have gradually evolved into a serious El Naschie news source. The images have to go.

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  1. Zahy, I appreciate your lobbying to take those posts down. I have taken down I think six or seven all together including two I took down months ago and the rest just now. Criticizing your friends is never easy but you did it because you thought it was the right thing to do. If there are other posts that you think need to be removed or cleaned up let me know in comments or email if you prefer. I will defer to your judgment.

    Everyone, I have not thrown out any informational content, and I would not.

  2. Zahy, I really want your input on this. I did more than just delete all four aversion therapy posts. I also deleted a good quality (and in my opinion very funny) photoshop of El Naschie at a naked protest supporting the Eilat sinking. I even got rid of a pic of Brigitte Bardot in a bikini, and of El Naschie in a bathing suit kneeling before a birthday cake, which I replaced with just a Hello Kitty birthday cake. And I deleted a pic of him on a magazine cover promoting a gay New Year celebration in Cairo. Quite mild material by Seattle standards, but I am trying to mend my ways and be culturally sensitive. In some posts I have deleted text that was needlessly profane as well. If you want more cleanup let me know. Be specific.

  3. The issue was also mentioned here:
    The elnaschiewatch could have remained a more informative resource, but seems compromised by the webmaster's curious predilection for homoerotic imagery.

    It remains remarkable that the ten or so readers here bring down so many websites that get linked.

  4. Jason, thanks for your appreciation. Deleting these porno image is really a good work. I'm sure that would not let El naschie feel happy. He would have no reasonable reason to defame your blog. I will continue to go through your blog, and if there is something not good, surely I will tell you.

  5. Another cleanup: Naschie Party death threats had a disturbing picture of a victim of a machete attack. That has been replaced with a picture of Charles Manson.