Saturday, May 8, 2010

Hard-working Egyptians and lazy Germans

El Naschie's Sunday, May 9 column is up at Rosa Al-Youssef. "Culture of the Egyptian worker." Arabic or English.

El Naschie compares the industrious Egyptians with the dilatory Germans, based on his observations during the years he lived in Germany. They'd work for ten or fifteen minutes at most, and then have a beer break.

That reminds me of a magnificent rant in the SCIAM comment archive from which I'll only quote this much:

Ibrahim Badawee at 06:52 PM on 04/17/09
This is a direct answer to the comment of Martin Klicken. Your comment clearly indicates how little you know about Prof. Mohamed El Naschie or in fact any Moslem. Prof. Mohamed El Naschie has never drunk wine in his life or any kind of alcohol not even in his wild, revolutionary years.

Regarding Shrink's comment

Well, the "lazy" Germans have the strongest economy in Europe and one of the strongest in the world. Maybe the Egyptians should adopt their working habits. LOL

compare in particular the GDP per capita and inflation rates. Figures are in US dollars.

To the extent that economy is a good quantitative proxy for industriousness, El Naschie has certainly made an unfortunate choice of a country to compare Egypt to. I mean no disrespect to Egypt; it's El Naschie's fatuous rhetoric I dislike. He curries favor with audiences by insulting the USA and Israel, usually. I guess those are perennial safe targets in Egypt. This time it happens to be Germany because he assumes Germans won't read his column. I guarantee you he wouldn't have written a column like that in German and published it in Germany. He's two-faced. He has no convictions. He calculates what he believes an audience wants to hear, and then he says it to gain popularity. That's also why he loves Mubarak -- he's in power.

Examples abound. In an earlier column for an Egyptian audience he insulted Qatar. An El Naschie Watch reader noted that El Naschie would change his tune if he were interviewed on Al Jazeera. Yes. Exactly.

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  1. Well, the "lazy" Germans have the strongest economy in Europe and one of the strongest in the world. Maybe the Egyptians should adopt their working habits. LOL

  2. El Naschie's Monday, May 10 column is up. "To stop the study «rights» and the labor market"

    English or Arabic.

    El Naschie continues about the Egyptian workforce and labor market. He says:

    Egyptian education isn't keeping up-to-date. Students are getting the same education as they were ten years ago.

    Dr. Hani Helal, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, demanded Egypt stop training lawyers because there are too many already; more engineers would be better. El Naschie doesn't know whether that's right, and says that in the Italian part of Switzerland there's one lawyer per person. And that Egypt has perhaps enough engineers, but they're not trained to modern global standards.

    He then says something complimentary about Dr Ahmed Zaki Badr, the Minister of Education.