Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Is Arabic a dying language?

Off topic but interesting. I happened upon this when I was browsing through the Google searches that lead people to El Naschie Watch, as I sometimes do.

A recent article in the Economist argues that Arabic is not a dying language. I didn't know anyone thought Arabic is dying!

The reader comments also are interesting.

By the way, and unrelated. As you see I have implemented a new header with buttons. Let me know if there are any problems with it. I've also added a social media widget and an email widget.

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  1. I hope readers like the new masthead. I like the buttons, but they are not the final set of buttons. For one thing, we need one that says "Introduction" leading to a page, not written yet, that explains to complete n00bs who El Naschie is and what this blog is about.

    Maybe one called "Links" leading to an updated link roundup.

    Maybe "Law Suits" leading to an as-yet unwritten page about Howrey, Collyer-Bristow, Die Zeit and Nature.

    The infinity symbol on E-infinity Group is unsatisfactory.

    The "Home" and "Photoshop" buttons can be replaced with others since the left and right sides of the masthead have the same links.

    Just thinking out loud. Any ideas for buttons, posts that need writing, or existing posts that need attention drawn to them from the masthed?

  2. The buttons are an excellent idea! They direct the readers of the blog to the most relevant facts/data.

    Yes, an "Introduction" button is missing, definitely.

  3. OK. I am working on a section titled "A concise introduction to Mohamed El Naschie" and an Introduction button will link to it.

  4. Done. And the masthead is re-worked with new buttons and improved hover text.