Friday, May 14, 2010

Jihan Fadel movie news

We sometimes do posts about Jihan Fadel. Newcomers who wonder why can read Jihan Fadel and Leave Jihan alone! where the explanation is given in some detail. Briefly, she is a charming and lovely actress who is viciously attacked by Mohamed El Naschie's brother Amr Elnashai (sometimes posting as "Scorpion300") and others. They think, or pretend to think, that the crumbling of El Naschie's reputation is somehow the fault of El Naschie's half-brother Said Elnashaie, his wife Shadia Al-Shishini, and, most outrageously of all, Shadia's daughter Jihan Fadel. They even attack Jihan's young children!

Anyway, that's how we became interested in the career of the film star Jihan Fadel.

The latest celebrity gossip concerns the upcoming movie " ستر وغطا " whose title Google translates variously as "Jackets and Buzz", "Picking and Fuss", and "Screen and a Flurry" so I don't really know what it means. Filming was to have begun already, but Jihan's co-star Mohamed Ramadan (محمد رمضان) keeps missing deadlines, and Jihan is getting fed up, and may quit.

Here's the story in Arabic and English.

Jihan Fadel is currently Egypt's eighth most popular actress.

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