Thursday, May 27, 2010

Lament for FQXi-395

The dearly departed FQXi-395 will never be forgotten.

It has been a month since the last comment was left. Fittingly, it was a mournful poem. FQXi-395 provided fascination, humor, pathos and bemusement for two years and one month. A successor has not emerged to replace it in our hearts. FQXi-395 was where we learned the identities of the E-infinity group. It was the original venue in which Ji-Huan He and the others published their famous E-infinity communications.

What other venue blended crank physics so harmoniously with Dufourny-style frank lunacy and spiced it with outrageous accusations? Fondly I remember this from Amr Elnashai writing as "GE" on January 11, 2009:

But what should we expect from a man who was ready to stand behind bars in criminal court so that the daughter of the man who was sleeping with his wife can produce a porno film.

The main author of the later E-infinity communications was Ji-Huan He. He did not admit his identity explicitly but he did leave clear hints. The first was an allusion to his time zone; the second was to speak of the Chinese branch of the E-infinity club as his own. One of the last things he wrote was

The bureau of E-Infinity in China has taken the view that it is useless to continue any meaningful scientific discussion on this blog. Consequently, they have established an E-Infinity Communication Journal. This will fill the gap and satisfy a need after the censorship imposed worldwide and the close down of Chaos, Solitons & Fractals and scaling it down to a run of the mill journal of nonlinear dynamics... The home of the Journal will be either the Middle East or the Far East to keep it safe from vandalisms.

An E-Infinity Communication Journal might help mend our broken heart, but I fear it is only Ji-Huan's pipe dream.


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  1. And we thought the sockpuppets ceased their activity... Here are some recent comments:

    with a link to "a semi official organ of the E-infinity group":

    Jason, are we familiar with this? There's even a nice photo with the great man and 't Hooft in a post from April:

  2. Another place where one of the comments was spammed:

  3. On those four links, Shrink --

    1. This is new to me. Good find.

    2. The sockpuppets have copied all the E-Infinity communications over to this new location. I didn't know they had done that. That's the fourth place they live on the internet. The other three are FQXi-395, El Naschie Watch, and

    3. I have seen that picture on that page, but haven't posted it on El Naschie Watch. I'm sure El Naschie and 't Hooft are not so chummy now.

    4. This is new to me too! E. Hansen's comment is from June 2, quite recent. Excellent.

    Let's keep an eye out for comments in those places. I am thrilled that supportive comments continue to be posted!