Monday, May 24, 2010

A letter to Rosa Al-Youssef

They have a form you can use to contact them. Here's what I said:

Dear Rosa Al-Youssef,

I am a faithful reader of Dr. Mohamed El Naschie's daily column "Egypt Tomorrow". Every day I look forward to it. I have never missed a single column. I particularly liked the one wishing President Hosni Mubarak a happy birthday, «Mubarak» you your president. May his next thirty years as President be just as grand as the first thirty!

Please, won't you allow reader comments below each column to discuss the issues Dr. El Naschie has raised? Egypt could really benefit from discussing the ideas of such a great scientist, who was nominated more than once for the Nobel prize, by the way.

Your loyal reader,


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  1. Jason, You will find in the comments below this particular El naschie's article in Rosa Al-Youssef a one comment against El naschie but it is not complete. You can give a look

  2. Zahy, thanks for pointing that out. I have been missing out on reader comments because Google Translate doesn't show them. My mistake. I'm going to have to go back and scour all the old columns for reader comments.

    The one you pointed out got off to a good start!

    El naschie 18 مايو 2010
    من Abdou
    نتمنى من أى جريدة أو أى موقع أن تتحقق من الشخصيات التى تجرى معها الحوار وخصوصا العلماء هل هم علماء بحق أم غير ذلك. فلأسف مأكثر المدعين والدجالين على الساحة العربية الآن. بالنسبة للنشائى نتمنى من القراء أن يطلعوا على المقالات المذكورة لاحقا والكاشفة لزيف النشائى وهى منشورة فى مجلة الجارديان البريطانية والتايم الألمانية ونيتشر العالمية. الرجل من الناحية ألاكاديمية يساوى صفرا كبيرا وأبحاثه لاقيمة لها هى هراء ودجل من وجهة نظر العلماء المحترمين. لقد تم طرد النشائى من المجلة التى كان يرأس تحريرها والت
    El naschie 18 مايو 2010
    Of Abdou
    We hope from any newspaper or any site to verify the figures with whom dialogue and especially the scientists whether they are scholars of the right or otherwise. Vlosv Mokther prosecutors and charlatans on the Arab arena now. For Nchaiy We hope the readers to familiarize themselves with the articles cited below, revealing the falsehood of Alnchaiy it is published in the Journal of the British Guardian Waltham German and Nature World. The man is academically equal to zero and a large research have no value and is nonsense and quackery from the viewpoint of distinguished scientists. Alnchaiy have been expelled from the magazine, which was edited by Walt

  3. Most of the columns have a comment submission form but nobody has left any comments.

    Some of the columns, like this one,
    do not have a comment submission form even in the Arabic version of the page. At least on my browser.

    When comments are allowed, they are limited to 500 characters. That's apparently why Abdou's comment is incomplete.

    I'm amazed that leaving comments on El Naschie's columns is generally allowed, and that Abdou's hasn't been deleted.

  4. The Rosa Al-Youssef column is up. Wednesday, May 26, 2010. Themes missing. Arabic or English.

    He's still talking a bit about Saudi Arabia, so my prediction that he wouldn't is wrong.

    He goes on to talk about Egyptian relations with various other countries in the Middle East, and ends by criticizing the previous US administration for the Iraq war.