Thursday, May 13, 2010

Two more Rosa Al-Youssef columns

When he started this six-day-a-week column I wondered when he'd start repeating himself. He's run out of ideas.

Thursday, May 13, 2010 "ElBaradei and devastating Eilat" Arabic or English.

El Naschie tells us that former Minister of Industry Dr. Fawzi Abdul Wahid is the brother of Ahmed Shaker Abdel Wahed. El Naschie admires the latter for a role in sinking the Israeli destroyer Eilat in 1973, which redounds admiration to the former. Then he turns his jaundiced eye once more to ElBaradei. He headed not the International Atomic Energy Agency, but the International Nuclear Hypocrisy Agency, he avers, because Israel has nukes but the Arab states don't.

Friday, May 14, 2010 "My story with cancer" Arabic or English.

El Naschie tells us again how his experience with cancer prompted him to establish the El Naschie Award for cancer research. He put up ten thousand Egyptian pounds of his own money, a company called Orascom topped it up to a hundred thousand, and they're aiming for a total of three million "through my relationships" as he puts it, with classic El Naschie modesty.

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  1. His Sunday, May 16 piece is up. Arabic or English. There had been some legal dispute about reprinting One Thousand and One Nights, and El Naschie is pleased that the Ministry of Culture is allowing the publication and not prosecuting the publisher.