Thursday, May 20, 2010

University College London has lost the PhD thesis!

I had hoped to provide our readers with El Naschie's thesis, but it has gone missing, and that is interesting in itself.

Martin put in a request for it through the British Library, which has an arrangement with University College London (UCL) to supply UCL theses electronically. UCL is where El Naschie is supposed to have done his PhD. After a month or so, this came back (click for bigger):

Martin asked for an explanation and got this answer:

Von: "Hawkins, Joanne"
An: Martin Klicken
CC: "Johnson, Sue"
Gesendet: Donnerstag, den 20. Mai 2010, 9:00:14 Uhr
Betreff: RE: Automated response from The British Library

Dear Martin,

Thank you for your reply.

In regard to your order Thesis00174551 the reason that the order has been cancelled is because the awarding university is unable to locate the Thesis in their stock.

Once you place an order for an item on the Ethos system it is sent immediately to the relevant University, unfortunately they do not have a time limit as to when they supply the item to the British Library for digitisation. As soon as a customer chasers their order we send a chaser directly to the University and they will look at that order, hence when you received your cancellation notice. I will forward your comments on to the Service Improvement team, as this is a new system and still in the Beta stages they will take all comments seriously.

I am sorry you are not happy with the service you have received but here at the British Library we can only act once the Universities send the items to us for digitisation.


Joanne Hawkins
British Library
Ethos Help

It wasn't lost by simple human error. Libraries are good at cataloging their holdings and making them available to readers. They don't just lose their holdings.

But libraries are not well-equipped to deal with intentional destruction or theft. That is what we have here. Material linked to from El Naschie Watch often disappears. This fits the pattern.

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  1. > Libraries are good at cataloging their holdings and making them available to readers.

    But there is a similar phenomenon: for example volume 17 of Annalen der Physik with Einstein's three famous 1905 articles is known to have magically disappeared from most physics libraries by the mid 20th century. Why should El Naschie's work fare differently?

    > Material linked to from El Naschie Watch often disappears.

    The same is true of webpages -- people naturally steal pages that either mention El Naschie or that should have but didn't, that too is a similarity with Einstein.

    But at least in this case there is a simple solution: the UCL library can simply ask Herr Doktor Professor El Naschie for one of the many spare copies he keeps readily available at each of his many palaces. The final chapter outlines the essentials of E-infinity theory, providing crucial historical background for all the many wondrous developments since.

  2. UCL really should have sent it to the British Museum to be kept safe in an inert atmosphere and displayed under thick bulletproof glass.