Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Link roundup

El Naschie-related links from around the Web. Our first two link roundups, here and here, have gone very stale. This is cumulative and updated so the older roundups are redundant. Some broken or unuseful links have been removed.

El Naschie's old home page. Check out the photos section showing him rubbing shoulders with various Nobel Prize winners. (Now dead links...?)

El Naschie's new home page:

El Naschie's new blog, named after this one!

Mohamed Mustafa's Cairo-based blog. Lots of Arabic newspaper clippings.

The Golden Mean in Quantum Mechanics and High Energy Physics.

E-Infinity - High Energy Communications

El Naschie's Views on Politics, Science and Culture contains much railing against Ahmed Zewail and support for El Naschie.

Arabic Wikipedia entry for El Naschie. There is no English language Wikipedia entry.

English Wikipedia entry for the Great Man.

RationalWiki entry for El Naschie. entry for El Naschie in Arabic.

German Wikipedia entry for El Naschie.

Improbable Research article on El Naschie and El Naschie watch.

Facebook pages for El Naschie. English and Arabic. And a newer Facebook page.

The journal El Naschie founded and was fired from by Elsevier.
Chaos, Solitons & Fractals

A PDF of the Nature article that El Naschie sued over.
Self-publishing editor set to retire

The DIE ZEIT article El Naschie sued over, incorporating some changes his lawyers insisted upon.

John Baez’s The Case of M S El Naschie. Now a dead link.

El Naschie's Sunday through Friday newspaper column in Rosa Al-Youssef. (Arabic.) UPDATE 13 March 2012: Rosa has gone offline. Here's an archive at Masress.

Sbseminar: L’affaire El Naschie.

Backreaction: Chaos, Solitons and Self-Promotion. Bee and Stefan's blog.


Jatkesha's world.

Nonoscience: Publishing over 300 Papers (ab)using Editorial Power?

Video links: (Arabic)

Audio from one of the older El Naschie videos:

Derek Lowe: Publish Your Work The Easy Way.

Fawning, softball interview.

Slashdot: Crackpot Scandal In Mathematics.

FQXi-395 forum. Defenders and detractors slash at one another.

Scientific American: Using Causality to Solve the Puzzle of Quantum Spacetime. See if you can identify the sock puppets!

Discussion in the comments on Peter Woit's blog Not Even Wrong: Short Bits

Archivalia (German)

Look how much Ji-Huan He loves El Naschie.

Mohamed El Naschie answers a few questions about this month's new hot paper. From esi-topics.

According to the following data base [Not my assertion; just quoting] one can find:

  • 17 articles where the affiliation is DAMTP, Cambridge, UK.

  • 72 articles where the affiliation is Dept. of Appl. Math. & Theor. Phys., Cambridge Univ., UK

  • 40 articles where the affiliation is Univ of Cambridge.

Good El Naschie discussion here on FQXi-107. (Some comments about El Naschie got out of hand and were moved by an admin to FQXi-395.)

I particularly liked this comment:

anonymously written on Mar. 1, 2009 @ 07:15 GMT

Review of the work done using E-infinity theory across many scientific fields.

Surfer-dude-stuns-physicists. Telegraph article with many comments on the work of Garret Lisi and Mohamed El Naschie.

The blog of Ji-Huan He, El Naschie's friend and associate.
Chinese or English.

"Elsevier could distribute these articles as jokes and I bet that they would be more profitable than distributing them as scientific papers."

English and Arabic explanations on a situation involving El Naschie's half-brother Said Elnashaie, apparently written by El Naschie's brother Amr Elnashai.

Scholarly Kitchen: El Naschie stuff

El Naschie has been black-listed in xxx ArXives for affiliation arrogating (forging). More detail can be found in

Bad physics links:

Link to online library card for El Naschie's doctoral thesis.

Zoominfo page on El Naschie.

Kvarkadabra (Slovenian).

A late 2008 Curriculum Vitae for El Naschie! Pure gold! (Now a broken link, but El Naschie Watch has the goods.)

Martial Culture:

Welle::erd.ferkel (German):,-mit-Kleinigkeiten-von-meinem-Schreibtisch.html

Thilo Kuessner's Mathlog (German):

There are some more external links in the El Naschie Watch Archives.

When doing Google searches, these three forms of his name are useful:
El Naschie

Known El Naschie email addresses:,

Please let me know in the comments of links I should add, broken links I should fix, etc. These are mostly English links of course. Maybe I'll add Arabic ones at some point.

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  1. Updated with English Wikipedia link.

  2. Here is another crackpot that the world should be warned about! Check out and the associated blog of the ringleader, Myron Wyn Evans. There is also a new journal where almost every article is written by Evans. The astounding 'sting in the tail' here is that Evans has been awarded a Civil List Pension by the Queen.This means that he will forevermore be listed alongside people such as Faraday and Heaviside.
    Also watch out for his nemesis, crackpotwatch; not in the same league as ElNaschieWatch, unfortunately, but trying ...