Monday, May 10, 2010

Wrapping himself in the Egyptian flag

El Naschie talks incessantly about how much he loves Egypt and how he kept his Egyptian passport even when he lived for years abroad. He snipes at Ahmed Zewail and Mohamed ElBaradei for not being Egyptian enough.

Very much in this same vein, he boasts that his father was a member of the Free Officers Movement. But is it true?

The Free Officers Movement (حركة الضباط الأحرار‎) overthrew King Farouk I of Egypt in 1952. Leaders included Muhammad Naguib, Gamal Abdel Nasser and Anwar El-Sadat, the first three presidents of Egypt.

Zahy points to the first paragraph of this Rosa Al-Youssef column attacking ElBaradei (Arabic or English) in which El Naschie makes the claim that his father was a member of the Free Officers Movement: "ووالده من الضباط الأحرار ".

But historical lists (Arabic or English) make no mention of his father as a member. Note that the lists themselves are in a graphics format so that Google translate can't help us here. So we ask Arabic readers to have a look and confirm that the El Naschie surname النشائى or النشائي does not appear.

If this checks out, it looks like El Naschie is caught in yet another lie.

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  1. El Naschie's Tuesday, May 11 post is up. Saving Education and «critical mass». Arabic or English .

    El Naschie says that spending on education must reach a certain "critical mass" to have the desired effect, just as you must have enough enriched uranium to make an atomic bomb. He also attacks the previous US administration, particularly Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, who in his opinion has an ugly face.

  2. That's an outright lie. Not only was his father NOT a member of the free officers movement, his father was actually forced to retire from the army after the revolution and when the revolution turned socialist his family was stripped of some of its wealth. As happened in most of those families, they sent their kids abroad as in the case of our douche. In interviews the douche has had to say that despite the way the revolution treated his family, he still loves Egypt.

    The fact that his father was NOT a member of the free officers movement is made explicitly in an interview published this month:
    The magazine, El Doha, is published in Qatar. Guess who the douche doesn't attack here.

    I think though that whoever it is that writes down the douche's ramblings might of made a mistake during dictation. On the other hand, it might be worth contacting Rosa ElYoussef about this inaccuracy. Imagine an American saying that his great grandfather fought with George Washington only for it to turn out that he was actually collaborating with the British crown

  3. The magazine, El Doha, is published in Qatar. Guess who the douche doesn't attack here.

    Yes. Flatter the audience. If they have opponents or rivals, scapegoat them angrily. Change to suit the audience. That's his modus operandi. But it's not going to work so well for him with everyone keeping track of what he says.

    Wow. Can you type the relevant passage from that magazine? The graphics format prevents me from doing copy/paste or using Google Translate. I will blog this of course.

  4. El Naschie's Wednesday, May 12 column is up at Rosa Al-Youssef. "Of lost opportunities." Arabic or English.

    El Naschie tells an historical anecdote about Egypt's cotton industry. When the American Civil War interrupted cotton production, Egypt prospered from the market opportunity. He says such opportunities are rare and when they arise the profits should be re-invested, not squandered on luxuries. Yawn.

  5. Another lie for the great man (El naschie),
    he claimed that has got the state appreciation award in Egypt.
    You will find that in the page of the article about him in Doha magazine
    In the last page in the first column, line number 16
    ومنحته مصر جائزة الدولة التقديرية
    Egypt gave him the stater appreciation award.

    One can find the list of winner in the site of
    Egyptian Academy of Scientific Research and Technology, the list from 1998 till now
    As usual you will not find the name of El naschie. It is improbable that El naschie won the prize before 1998.

    El naschie spread this lie through internet,
    just if google search
    النشائى +جائزة الدولة التقديرية

    El naschie didn't mention this award in his website, it is easy to check his claimed award. But he propagated it through internet and press, and if one find out the lie he can tell that is a mistake of press, journalists, or dictation mistake.

  6. Last page, first column, line 16

    Is the first column the one on the left, or the right?

  7. I mean the right one

  8. Aha thank you, I see it. I will write this up. If you think of anything I should add let me know.