Wednesday, June 2, 2010

AJMMS gives El Naschie and He the boot!

El Naschie Watch gets results.

As a consequence of two emails from me to the Arab Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences (AJMMS), Mohamed El Naschie and Ji-Huan He are being dumped from the editorial board of of AJMMS. Readers of El Naschie Watch are learning this even before the soon-to-be-ex editors.

My email to the AJMMS told about the first one. My second email went into detail about Ji-Huan He:

El Naschie's papers are obvious nonsense as would be expected from someone with no math or physics degree whatsoever. Ji-Huan He's papers, by comparison, are generally correct, but of very poor quality. Also there are serious accusations of Ji-Huan He's stealing Dr. Shijun Liao's Homotopy Analysis Method (HAM), renaming it Homotopy Perturbation Method (HPM) and calling it his own. This is a huge scandal in China but little-known outside China.

The other clue that something isn't right with Ji-Huan He is that he compares El Naschie to Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein, and says El Naschie deserves a Nobel Prize, which he must know is ridiculous.

Prof. Francisco M. Fernandez has written a paper saying that Ji-Huan He's HPM is worthless. Math papers aren't usually funny, but this one is an exception:

"We show that a recent application of homotopy perturbation method to a class of ordinary differential equations yields either useless or wrong results... It seems that one of the greatest feats of many VAPA applications is to produce power-series expansions to simple and trivial problems in a cumbersome and laborious way... In fact, VAPA have produced the worst research papers ever written." (PDF)

El Naschie and He have destroyed the reputations of their journals (CSF and IJNSNS respectively) beyond repair, and it would be a shame needlessly to spoil the reputation of AJMMS as well. I urge you to get both men off the editorial board.

Prof. Momani, the Editor-in-chief of AJMMS, thanked me for letting him know, and even included me on his letter to the publisher. Good for him for doing the right thing.

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  1. Prof. Momani, the Editor-in-chief of AJMMS cited Ji Huan he in most of his recent papers found on

    That seems very strange.

  2. Yes, Zahy. And Prof. Momani has been to conferences in China three times. He was a plenary speaker at one of Ji-Huan He's events. Awkward.

  3. Actually, based on the abstracts, it seems that Prof. Momani is not merely referring to Prof. He's papers but is also extending and generalizing Prof. He's HPM. I wonder what was his reaction to the part of your letter critical of that approach.

  4. He didn't mention it at all, but I imagine he feels conflicted.

  5. This website is full of wrong and funny matters! Professor Momani is one of the closest friend of Professor Ji Huan He and works strongly on methods introduced by him.
    Moreover, Arab Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences was published just in one volume and two issues on 2007 and it is not published after that! So i am not sure that you contacted who one exactly !

  6. I wrote to Prof. Momani (editor-in-chief of AJMMS), Prof. Odibat (managing editor), all the members of the math departments at Jordan University and Mutah University, the President of Jordan University, and the Dean of Research at Jordan University. So it was hard to ignore me.

    The publication schedule may be irregular, but the journal is not yet out-of-business. I was included on Momani's communication with the publisher, Research India Publications, on June 1, in which he instructed that El Naschie and He be removed from the editorial board.

  7. I do not have any idea about El Naschie ,since i do not know him but your words about ji Huan He is quite wrong. Why you are talking just about HPM? He introduced several methods in vibrations much easier than other methods available. Maybe, from the Mathematics side, there is nothing in his methods, but it does not matter for engineers. These methods are very useful in vibrations and fluid mechanics,working much better than other available methods. Hundreds researchers around the world are working with his methods. About his journal, the increased impact factor is quite reasonable. He has introduced more than 30 methods recently and these methods were introduced for first time in his journal. So it has many citations since many researchers are working on these methods! It seems that your issues are supported with Professor Liao. His scientific rank is much lower that J.H.He. I know Liao completely and your words are very similar to him. I believe that you are angry about J.H.He because SIAM journals with many years experiences, have weak citations! and it is the main reason ! J.H.He is in editorial board of Journal of Computers Mathematics With Applications under management of Professor Rodin! and this makes clear everything!

  8. Anonymous of 5:01 PM just above, thank you for your comment. I will answer soon in a new post rather than in this comment, because what you say is important.