Thursday, June 10, 2010

El Naschie declined to help Iran build nukes

Zahy, in a comment, translates key passages from a 2008 Almasry Alyoum interview with the great man archived on Mohamed Mustafa's blog, the M.S. El Naschie Scientific Homepage.

Almasry Alyoum:
تلقيت دعوة للمشاركة في تطوير البرنامج النووي الإيراني.. لماذا اعتذرت عنها؟
You have been invited to share in the Iranian nuclear program... You apologized for that why?

El Naschie:
أكثر من مرة جاءتني دعوات وأنا أذكر أني قلت لهم إنني «سني»، فقالوا لي عارفين، لكني لم أوافق واعتذرت
They invited me many times and as I remember I told them I'm Sunni, but they told me we know but in the end I didn't accept and apologized.

Almasry Alyoum:
لكن هل لك تلاميذ في إيران؟
Have you students in Iran?

El Naschie:
كثيرون وأتمني أن تنتهي الأزمة مع الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية
I have a lot and I wish their crisis with USA would come to an end.

Zahy thinks the Iranian nuclear program dodged a bullet.

I recall that El Naschie wrote a paper applying E-infinity theory to nuclear reactor design.

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  1. El Naschie:

    أكثر من مرة جاءتني دعوات وأنا أذكر أني قلت لهم إنني «سني»، فقالوا لي عارفين، لكني لم أوافق واعتذرت
    They invited me many times and as I remember I told them I'm old, but they told me we know but in the end I didn't accept and apologized.

    there is an error in the translation, the word between quotes is translated wrongly to "old". it should be translated as sunni (in contrast to shia). both the words sunni and old (or my age to be accurate) spell the same in Arabic, but read differently. However, it can't be "my age" because of grammatical and contextual reasons.

  2. Thanks Hossam! Aha. Egypt is Sunni and Iran is Shia. Great catch. I will fix it.

  3. Dear Hossam,
    You are right and sorry for the unintended mistake. The case of El naschie fascinated me a long ago. He is not just doing pseudo science but he had his own journal (CSF) where he published hundreds of non sense papers, and has his own fans citing him and themselves to game the impact factor.

    Not only that, the great man managed to deceive academicians (assumed) in the arabic world in a miserable way.
    He was appointed to be the director of King Abduallah for nanotechnology, but when they discovered that he is a crackpot, they fired him.

    He is an adviser of the minster of research and higher education in Egypt. It could be possible that El naschie, one day, would be the minster of higher education in Egypt. The man continuously praising the Hoseni Mubrak regime and his possible successor Gamal Mubrak in Rosa Al-Youssef daily column.

  4. Dear Zahy, no need to sorry, you are indeed doing a great job. It really bothers me as an Egyptian to see El Naschie taking advantage of the unfortunate low level of scientific literacy in the Egyptian and Arabic public. But I don't understand why the Arab scientists are silent about this.

    Come to thing of it, I am really happy that he sided himself with Mubarak and his regime in this fanatic way (calling for a Nobel peace prize for Mubarak, publicizing for the emergency law, etc...). this is the most efficient way for defaming himself in both the Arabic and Egyptian public.

    Although Jason and the other contributors are doing a great job in this blog, I believe the only success would be felt in the scientific public in the west, who already widely know the reality of the guy. However, I believe that a very little success if any could be achieved among the Arab public, who suffer from a low scientific awareness and are very subjective in their thinking.

  5. Hossam, we are doing better with the Arab public than you might imagine. Our top five countries for clicks are 1. USA, 2. Saudi Arabia, 3. Germany, 4. Egypt, 5. U.K. In the early days of El Naschie Watch, any criticism of him was answered instantly and furiously with accusations of racism, of being in John Baez's pay, or of being Said Elnashaie. There were even death threats. It's totally different now. His name doesn't come up as often as it used to in the context of Egyptian science, and he has more critics and fewer defenders. Journalists like Mona Elshazly and Khairy Ramadan, and Egyptian Chronicles blogger Zeinobia, have figured out that he's a fake. If El Naschie had written a daily column two years ago it would have been full of worshipful comments. Today he has lost his following and his Rosa Al-Youssef column is ignored. Sometimes I think we're doing so well that there's no point blogging anymore. We're just pounding the rubble of his reputation.

  6. Well, that is quite impressive! forgive me for underestimating your efforts. it seems that I was too pessimistic. I am not following the Egyptian media closely now since I am not living in Egypt and that's why my judgment was based on speculations rather than facts.