Tuesday, June 29, 2010

El Naschie not cited in Garret Lisi's latest

I see from Francis the Mule (in Spanish) that there's a new Lisi paper, An Explicit Embedding of Gravity and the Standard Model in E8, in the arXiv. Francis anticipates that Luboš Motl will attack Lisi when he gets around to it.

Not only does Lisi not credit the work of El Naschie, his references include two critics of El Naschie, John Baez and Jacques Distler. Outrageous!

Readers may recall the first post on FQXi-395 was a question that Lisi never answered:

David wrote on Jan. 16, 2008 @ 21:33 GMT
Garrett, are you familiar with the work of MS El Naschie? It appears that your TOF and his work (which for the most part appeared in the Elsevier journal Chaos,Solitons & Fractals) have a lot in common? I would appreciate hearing your opinion.

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  1. Dear Jason,

    Yes - Lisi and I are Facebook friends, and I picked this article up a couple of days ago.

    I partially agree/ dis-agree with both El Naschie and Lisi, and felt inspired to make a comment on your blog site.

    My critique of Lisi is that he never explicitly demonstrated the natural 5-fold "Pentality" symmetry of E8. His new paper also involves Spin(11,3) (I count rank-14 as minimum 14-D, so Lisi has a model very similar to the non-Supersymmetric version of my current 28-D "F-Theory"), and Spin(11) ALSO contains a pentality symmetry.

    Pentality symmetry is important because it introduces the symmetries of the pentagon and - guess what? - THE GOLDEN RATIO! I can hear the E-Infinity fan club now!

    Lisi says that "there is currently no good explanation for why fermions have the masses they do". In my models, this is part of the pentality symmetry - please remember that Coldea et al determined that certain magnetic quasi-particles have masses determined by the Golden Ratio.

    Lisi gave Distler and Garibaldi credit for pointing out "the difficulty of describing the three generations of fermions". The confusion lies in the cause of mass (part of my pentality symmetry), and in the G2 symmetry. Do we have a G2 triality of color, or a G2 triality of generations? (My vote is for the latter.)

    Have Fun!

    Ray Munroe

  2. Nice to see you again Ray, thanks for commenting. There is an emptiness in my heart since FQXi-395 passed away.