Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Ji-Huan He loses a third editorial position

Readers will recall from AJMMS gives El Naschie and He the boot! that on June 2, 2010, Prof. Shaher Momani, Editor-in-chief of the Arab Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences (AJMMS), removed Dr. Mohamed El Naschie and Prof. Ji-Huan He from the AJMMS Editorial Board, persuant to email from El Naschie Watch. And of course He was removed along with the rest of the Chaos Solitons and Fractals (CSF) Editorial Board on March 16, 2010.

A supporter of Ji-Huan He mentioned as a point in Ji-Huan He's favor that he is on the Editorial Board of Computers and Mathematics with Applications (CMA), so we wrote to that Editorial Board as well.

Prof. Ervin M. Rodin is the Editor-in-Chief of CMA. He included me on an email he sent just a few hours ago to He and the rest of the Editorial Board. This is what he said:

Dear Professor He,

I recently received detailed information and very reliable assurances that some of your activities may not fall within the realm of acceptable scientific ethical behaviour. Having investigated these allegations as thoroughly as possible, I came to the conclusion that I must hereby request your resignation from our Editorial Board.

Sincerely yours,

Ervin Y. Rodin
Professor and Director
Center for Optimization and Semantic Control

Computers and Mathematics with Applications
Mathematical and Computer Modeling
Applied Mathematics Letters

Please visit http://rodin.wustl.edu on the Internet.

One man who may be interested to learn of these developments is Dr. Shijun Liao, whose work Ji-Huan He is accused of stealing.

If readers find any more journals with Ji-Huan He as an editor, let us know. I think there's not much we can do about removing Ji-Huan He from International Journal of Nonlinear Sciences and Numerical Simulation (IJNSNS) because as Editor-in-Chief he's the boss.

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  1. He is listed in the Editorial Board of Mathematical Problems in Engineering

  2. Thank you! I will investigate.

  3. Dear Jason, here is something that should impress you: I have done a small experiment, asking google to find the pages containing the words "editorial board" and "Ji Huan He". I have found 21 journals (excluding the one already mentioned earlier) which have the great man in the editorial board. Although I suspect that some of this journals are not very good it is still an impressive achievement. This discovery may possibly help to shed some light on how the citation network has been built and how people is being so to say recruited. I urge you to campaign so that the man can have his record recognized in the Guiness Book.

    Here is the list of journals that I have found, each with its own link! (it could well be that a more careful search could still find more journals...):

    1- Journal of Computational and Applied Mechanics,
    http://mab.mta.hu/~szeidl/author_card.php?author_id=3 I

    2- World Applied Sciences Journals

    3- International Journal of Control Theory and Applications (IJCTA)

    4-Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences

    5-Research Journal of Applied Science

    6- WASJ.org

    7- Member of the advisory board of the American-Eurasian network for scientific information

    8- Research journal in mathematics and statistics

    9- International Journal of computational mathematics and simulations


    11-International journal of nonlinear science and numerical simulations
    (apparently he is the founder of this journal )

    12-Progress in Nonlinear science
    (Editor in chief!!)

    13-Nonlinear science letters A
    (Editor in chief!!)

    14-International Journal of Information Science and COmputer Engineering

    15-Research and reviews in polymers


    17-Journal COmputational Technologies

    18-Zeitschrift für Naturforschung A

    Series Mechanics, Automatic Control and Robotics

    20-Computational Technologies

    21-Journal of Computational and Applied Mechanics

  4. Wow! I am impressed with him for being on so many boards, and with you for making that list. Ok. I am working on Mathematical Problems in Engineering (MPE) and it is very time consuming because each Editorial Board member needs his or her email to be Googled individually. I am going to finish MPE in this way, but this method is not feasible for one person to do for all those journals. I am at a loss how to proceed after MPE. I do think it's more effective to write to the whole boards, and not just the Eds-in-Chiefs of each journal.

    Can anyone prioritize that list of journals? Let's kick him off the good ones to begin with. I may need help with this. Perhaps readers can pick a journal and supply a comma-delimited list of email addresses for the Editorial Board and Editor-in-Chief. This is a huge amount of work. For example, here's nearly all of MPE, Googled up individually by yours truly:


    If readers can supply lists like that per journal, I can take care of writing and sending the emails. And of course writing the blog posts. ;)

  5. For the International journal of nonlinear science and numerical simulations whose editor in chief is Ji Huan He. Maybe you can send e-mail to the publishing house telling them about his case.
    Freund Publishing House Ltd.
    P.O.BOx 35010
    Tel Aviv, Israel, 61350
    Tel: 00972-3-562-8540
    Fax: 00972-3-562-8538
    E-mail h_freund@netvision.net.il

    At the end of the day, they could fire him and keep him with just the title as the founding editor like the case of El naschie with elseiver. Please notice El naschie is a co-editor in this journal (NSMS) his name is listed there.

  6. Yes, Zahy, writing to the publishers to get him fired from Editor-in-Chief positions is possible but I think we should save that for last. The more Editor positions we remove him from, the more leverage we will have with the publishers. We are building up momentum.

  7. Here's the email list for the editorial board of journal of computational and applied mechanics (the first in the above list).

    editor in chief: mechpacz@uni-miskolc.hu

    editorial board: aramct@uni-miskolc.hu, mechkoz@uni-miskolc.hu, mechpgy@uni-miskolc.hu, Gyorgy.SZEIDL@uni-miskolc.hu, arambl@uni-miskolc.hu, mechber@uni-miskolc.hu, mechecs@uni-miskolc.hu, frank@ift.mb.uni-siegen.de, ulrich.gabbert@mb.uni-magdeburg.de, gaspar@ep-mech.me.bme.hu, r-haber@uiuc.edu, HALASZ@vizgep.bme.hu, jhhe@mail.shu.edu.ch, altjar@uni-miskolc.hu, lkollar@goliat.eik.bme.hu, kompis@fstroj.utc.sk, kurutzm@eik.bme.hu, jozsef.kovecses@mcgill.ca, R.I.Lewis@NCL.AC.UK, lvovgi@kpi.kharkov.ua, Herbert.Mang@tuwien.ac.at, zmroz@ippt.gov.pl, usarslad@savba.sk, stepan@mm.bme.hu, szabo@ccm.wustl.edu, aram2xsz@uni-miskolc.hu

  8. Hossam, that is awesome. Teamwork!

  9. well, just to be honest, this was relatively easier as I didn't have to google them. the emails are listed in the journal website, I just extracted them :)
    many of the listed above journals have the editorial emails in their website, so you don't have to google each one of them

  10. It doesn't matter; any way we get them is magnificent. You don't lose points for getting them an easier way, you gain points! All worked, by the way, except three that bounced immediately. (szabo@ccm.wustl.edu, mechpgy@uni-miskolc.hu, aramct@uni-miskolc.hu) A fine percentage.

  11. Here's the list for »Zeitschrift für Naturforschung A« which appears to be a legit journal (IF 2008: 0.737):

    Editor in Chief:


    Advisory Board:

    k-d.becker@tu-braunschweig.de, eckerth@uni-muenster.de, cqtebg@nus.edu.sg, phyebg@nus.edu.sg, Marcelle.Gaune-Escard@polytech.univ-mrs.fr, Heppke@TU-Berlin.DE, S.Hess@physik.tu-berlin.de, ydjung@hanyang.ac.kr, manfred.kappes@chemie.uni-karlsruhe.de, aklemm@th.physik.uni-bonn.de, parisi@ehf.uni-oldenburg.de, Klaus.Richter@physik.uni-regensburg.de, gerd.roepke@uni-rostock.de, steebwilli@gmail.com, aneta@lancaster.ac.uk, g.stollhoff@fkf.mpg.de, wickleder@chemie.uni-siegen.de

    He is not included in the list, of course.

  12. I've checked all the journals from the list above in JCR and it seems that only two of them have an IF:

    - the notorious IJNSNS
    - Zeitschrift für Naturforschung A (already mentioned above)

    The other journals are rather of a bogus type.

  13. Good, so ZNA was the most important one for us to do. I'd like to get him kicked off the other journals too, though, impact factor or not. So readers should continue compiling comma-delimited email lists for the editorial boards.