Sunday, June 13, 2010

My email to Research and Reviews in Polymer

I sent this a few seconds ago.

To Trade Science Inc. and the Editorial Board of Research and Reviews in Polymer (RRP):

Dear Publisher and Editorial Board of RRP:

A member of the Editorial Board of RRP, Prof. Ji-Huan He of Donghua University in Shanghai, is guilty of academic misconduct.

J-H He is notorious for gaming the impact factor of the International Journal of Nonlinear Science and Numerical Simulation (IJNSNS) of which he is Editor-in-Chief.

He is at the center of a scandal in China for appropriating without attribution the work of Dr. Shijun Liao (homotopy analysis method or HAM), renaming it (homotopy perturbation method or HPM), and calling it his own. His work is not only unoriginal, it is of poor quality. Besides the previous link, see Francisco M. Fernández on Ji-Huan He in this regard. Also see Three cheers for Francisco M. Fernández! and Another Fernández review of Ji-Huan He's papers.

Most shocking is J-H He's close association with the infamous and belligerently litigious crackpot Mohamed El Naschie. J-H He calls El Naschie "one of this century's greatest scientists since Newton and Einstein" and says "El Naschie's theory will certainly lead to a Nobel Prize".

Appropriately, J-H He has been fired from editorial positions at Chaos, Solitons and Fractals (CSF), the Arab Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences (AJMMS), Computers and Mathematics with Applications (CMA), and Mathematical Problems in Engineering (MPE).

If Trade Science Inc. is aware of these facts and still thinks J-H He deserves a place on the Editorial Board of RRP, you can make that choice, but the reputation of your journal and your publishing house is at risk. We have done our best to warn you. Members of the Editorial Board, we urge you to ask Trade Science Inc. to do the right thing and remove Prof. He from his Editorial Board position on RRP. Your reputations are also at risk.

Best regards,

Jason of El Naschie Watch

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  1. El Naschie's Rosa Al-Youssef column for Monday, June 14 is up. Acts of espionage and the emergency law «1». Arabic or English.

    This is a two-parter to be finished tomorrow. El Naschie says Israel is the main reason for instability in the Middle East, and their conspiracies against Arab countries and Egypt in particular are endless. He thinks the proposed state of emergency should include acts of espionage for foreign countries like Israel and the United States. He says the poverty of Egypt makes it easy for the US to recruit spies and a state of emergency with anti-espionage provisions is required to counter that.

  2. Tuesday, June 15, 2010. Acts of espionage and the emergency law «2». Arabic or English. El Naschie's concluding installment on this subject.

    El Naschie tells an anecdote about the U.S. Ambassador to Egypt committing suicide by throwing himself out a window because U.S. Senator Joseph McCarthy accused him of spying for the Soviet Union. But El Naschie is confused. It was the Canadian Ambassador.