Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Otto E. Rössler's student Hans H. Diebner

There are comments in Email to Zeitschrift für Naturforschung A (ZNA) that cast doubts on the quality of the work of Hans H. Diebner, a doctoral student of E-Infinity group member Otto E. Rössler. I expressed worry that going after Diebner and other students of E-Infinity group members, although a worthy enterprise, would expand the scope of El Naschie Watch untenably, for me, as a practical matter.

I am not going to read any of Diebner's papers for the following reason:

This page of his talks about "Operational Hermeneutics: Relationship between system theory and hermeneutics". As a rule of thumb I run away as fast as I can from anyone who uses the word "hermeneutics" because they're likely soon to start talking about Michel Foucault, Jacques Derrida, or deconstructionism. As if that weren't bad enough, Diebner has another page apparently promoting science as performance art. He explains helpfully

Art as Science or Science as Art or both at the same time, i.e. Art=Science: These are only different ways of confusing the proper with the improper.

He is a poseur and a non-scientist wasting everyone's time, not to mention everyone's ZNA subscription fees. The fact that ZNA published six papers with his name on them shows that the Ji-Huan He/Otto E. Rössler disease is deeply rooted at ZNA. The question is not on the merit of Diebner's papers but whether the entire editorial board consists of infected pod-people.

There may be no potential allies. For convenient reference, here they all are. Pod-people are shown in green.

  • Siegfried Grossmann, Marburg (in CSF)

Managing Editor
  • Karin Pfeffer, Tübingen

Advisory Board
  • Klaus-Dieter Becker, Braunschweig
Solid State Chemistry

  • Hellmut Eckert, Münster
NMR spectroscopy of solids
structure and dynamics of ionic conductors
glass state
catalytic materials

  • Berthold-Georg Englert, Singapore
Quantum Theory
Quantum Optics
Quantum Information

  • Marcelle Gaune-Escard, Marseille
Molten salts
High temperature ionic solids
Lanthanide halides

  • Ji-Huan He, Shanghai
Nonlinear dynamics
Applied Mathematics and Mechanics

  • Gerd Heppke, Berlin
Liquid Crystals

  • Siegfried Hess, Berlin
Soft Matter Theory
Nonequilibrium Molecular Dynamics

  • Young-Dae Jung, Ansan
Theoretical Atomic Physics
(Atomic Collision and Radiation Processes)
Theoretical Plasma Physics
(Plasma Waves, Dusty Plasmas)

  • Manfred M. Kappes, Karlsruhe
Microscopic Systems

  • Albrecht Klemm, Bonn
Quantum Field Theory
Mathematical Physics
Gravity, String Theory

  • Jürgen Parisi, Oldenburg (in CSF)
Semiconductor Physics
Materials Science
Nonlinear Dynamics

  • Klaus Richter, Regensburg (in CSF)
Theory of Mesoscopic Systems and Nanostructures
Molecular Electronics
Quantum Chaos
Nonlinear Dynamics

  • Gerd Roepke, Rostock
Many Particle Physics
Plasma Theory
Nuclear Theory

  • Willi-Hans Steeb, Auckland Park
Mathematical Physics
Nonlinear Dynamics (Chaos, Fractals, Neural Networks)
Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Computing
Theoretical Solid State Physics

  • Aneta Stefanovska, Lancaster
Complex Systems
Biological, Cardiovascular, Neural Systems
Time Series Analysis
Coupled Oscillators, Synchronization

  • Gernot Stollhoff, Stuttgart
Solid State Theory
Quantum Chemistry (Electronic Structure and Correlations,
Many Body Theory, Itinerant Magnetism)

  • Claudia Wickleder, Siegen
Optical Spectroscopy (of Solids and Arenes)

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  1. Indeed, I think Diebner is not important. But rössler probably is, since he publishes many many papers. For example, you can learn relativity theory with rössler in chaos solitons and fractals:

    On the possibility of a new relativistic contraction law
    O.E. Rossler, Corresponding Author Contact Information, D. Fröhlich, N. Kleinera, M. Pfaffa and J. Argyrisb

    Is roessler somewhere on editorial boards? or does he act as referee?

  2. yes, rössler is also on quite many editorial boards. a first one


  3. here is a second journal where roessler is on board.


  4. given the crackpot nature of rössler's papers, one should perhaps compile a list of roessler's articles and journals where roessler is on editorial board

  5. You are an idiot, limited in your scope of knowledge, uninformed, and without any sense of an intuitive, informed future for science outside of your simple approaches.

    any time someone says they will not read the work of the other --- this is incredibly dangerous.

    Science goes forward by articulate jumps, responding to the "written ideas" of the other.

    This kind of blog is deeply empty and does not deal with the true intellectual depth of research that constitutes and questions the field and posits new idea that challenge the status quo.

    All great science advances through paradigm shifts.

    Do you have any sense of the history of science? It does not seem like it.


  6. Now it seems that I have found crackpot gold:

    On the editorial board of Zeitschrift für Naturforschung is Jürgen Parisi.

    Jürgen Parisi has many papers co-authored with oe rössler.

    Among them are many crackpot papers.

    For example, the journal "physics essays" is, according to its description, a journal where peers are only allowed to make suggestions. But eventually, the author decides if he wants to include the referee's corrections. Physics essays publishes the paper anyway. It is not surprising, that there are many articles in physics essays which question the theory of special relativity.

    Here is one such special relativity criticism paper, and it was written by Rössler and Parisi;


    clearly, the opinions in the above paper are not publishable in mainstream journals.

    But Parisi who publishes that nonsense is now on the editorial board of ZNA...

    Superluminality Paradox in Special Relativity
    Phys. Essays 16, 254 (2003) (5 pages); doi: 10.4006/1.3025580

    Jürgen Parisi
    Faculty of Physics, Department of Energy and Semiconductor Research, University of Oldenburg, D-26111 Oldenburg, Germany

    Otto E. Rössler
    Institute of Physical and Theoretical Chemistry, Division of Theoretical Chemistry, University of Tübingen, D-72076 Tübingen, Germany
    Special relativity is shown to entail superluminality in a special case. Whenever the velocity of light in vacuum appears reduced from an outside vantage point due to the presence of an acceleration field, it is possible to violate the universal local speed limit c through filing a message through the high-c region. This finding amounts to an inconsistency in special relativity that needs repair. ©2003 Physics Essays Publication

  7. Anonymous 2:33 PM defender of Diebner who called me an idiot, thank you for commenting. I'm serious, I appreciate it, because it's seldom our critics are brave enough to comment here. I acknowledge Diebner's papers my have something good in them, but judging from his Web site, it's not likely. We all decide whose papers we are going to spend our valuable time reading. You surely do it yourself. "any time someone says they will not read the work of the other --- this is incredibly dangerous." Pfffft.

  8. @anonymous June 22, 2010 2:33 PM aka "Researcher---"

    I do not know who you are. Perhaps you are Rössler, He, Diebner or Parisi. But for me, your angry reaction only shows that there may be more to find which you do not want to be known by the public. Perhaps you do not want that the colleagues in the editorial boards are informed by the poor quality of Roesslers, Parisi's, Diebner's, and He's papers. But I certainly do not care for your whishes.

    I think that the scientists on editorial boards must be distinguished experts, in order to assure some quality level of journals and to keep ill defined and badly written papers away. Persons like He, Parisi and Roessler have written articles that are below academic standards. So it is no wonder that the journals where they are on the editorialboard have accepted papers that are below academic standards.

    This situation came, because nobody looked. You could play your game in closed circles until the public became aware of your crackpottery.

    As a result, one should dig even deeper.

    Since El Naschie has lost his positions and can not publish anymore, I think he is not important anymore.

    But He is still on some editorial boards, and roessler and Parisi are still publishing their crackpot nonsense. Unfortunately, many journals are affected. Some are even based in germany.

    This clearly is a problem worth to be investigated by a blog.

  9. Anonymous 2:40 PM, excellent work. Superluminality Paradox in Special Relativity is a smoking gun.

    Jürgen Parisi has many papers co-authored with oe rössler.

    I will color Parisi and other pod-people green in our ZNA editorial board reference list as we uncover them.

  10. Anonymous, 2:33 PM:

    "All great science advances through paradigm shifts."

    You sound
    like your mentor, the great man.

  11. Rössler is also notorious for joining the lawsuit to stop the CERN LHC, based on his crackpot "theory" that mini-black holes would eat the Earth. (See also this gullible "interview".)
    Yet another bad apple fallen far from Newton's tree.

  12. @Anonymous fro 6:00 above, your linked pdf

    contains interesting references.

    For example, reference 4 on p 18 shows that essentially the same theory was published by roessler earlier, but together with j, Parisi who is editor of zns and a doctorate of roessler: H Kuypers.

    References 8 and 9 suggest that roessler had produced doctorate theses with that crackpot stuff at Tübingen. (size change of atoms in the gravitational field, as written in the title of Kuyper's phd thesis makes completely no sense. In general relativity, spacetime is curved. But there are certainly no size changes observable in atoms with the weak gravitational field of the earth. Reference 9 was published by Kuypers and Rössler in chaos solitons and fractals....

    Reference 22 on p. 19 contains a crackpot paper of Rössler, Diebner and Kuypers also published by chaos solitons and fractals,

  13. Check out this paper's title: "Rössler OE, Kuypers K, Diebner HH, El Naschie MS. Almost black holes: an old-new paradigm. Chaos, Solitons and Fractals 1998; 9:1025-1034." The great man and his associates just love that word.

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