Friday, June 11, 2010

Shijun Liao quits MPE, concerned for reputation

Readers will recall that Prof. Ji-Huan He is accused of stealing Prof. Shijun Liao's work. When I wrote to the MPE Editorial Board, both He and Liao were listed as Associate Editors. Both He and Liao therefore were recipients of the email I sent to Editor-in-Chief Prof. Balthazar and the rest of the editorial board. My last paragraph was

Prof. Balthazar, if you are aware of these facts and still think J-H He deserves a place on the Editorial Board of MPE, you can make that choice, but your reputation and that of your journal are at risk. We have done our best to warn you. Associate Editors, I urge you to ask Prof. Balthazar to do the right thing and remove Prof. He from his Associate Editor position. Your reputations are also at risk.

Shijun Liao was alluding to that paragraph an hour ago in an email he sent to me, Prof. Balthazar, and the whole Editorial Board, which reads as follows:

Dear editor,

Considering my reputation, I decided to quit from Associate Editor of MPE. Please delete my name from the list of the Associate Editor.

I finished all of my editorial duties at hand for MPE last week.

Have a nice weekend.


That is a satisfying dig at He delivered with droll humor. I wrote to him that I expected He to be fired officially soon anyway, because his name was already taken off the list of Associate Editors, and I wished him good luck.

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  1. It seems that Prof. Shijun Liao didn't know before that Ji-Huan He in the editorial board of MPE, which is odd.

  2. He must have known they were both on the board. The advantage of quitting right now, I guess, is that everyone is paying attention.