Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Translations of the Douglas N. Arnold piece

"Integrity Under Attack: The State of Scholarly Publishing" which we wrote about in SIAM president attacks El Naschie and Ji-Huan He! is available in several languages on Douglas N. Arnold's home page.

English, 中文, Español, Português.

Arnold has noticed, as I have, a great interest in his article in China, so that version is particularly welcome. I encouraged him to post an Arabic one.

He has summer plans:

I will be participating in several formal discussions related to publication ethics this summer. In particular, at the 2nd World Conference on Research Integrity in Singapore 21-24 July (, we will be drafting a document on international standards and best practices for journal editors. And at the International Congress of Mathematicians in Hyderabad in August there will be a panel discussion on research metrics and a discussion of a recent document we have drafted on best practices in math journal publishing. So I hope some real progress can be made on these issues.

UPDATE: From Chinese search engine Baidu, here is a slick republication with English and Chinese side-by-side.

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