Thursday, June 10, 2010

Yet another email sent: IJCMNS

I just sent this. None of the emails bounced.

To Editor-in-Chief Prof. Yu-Jie Ren, Managing Editor Prof. Abdul-Majid Wazwaz, and all Honorary Editors, Associate Editors, and Editors of the International journal of computational mathematics and numerical simulation (IJCMNS):

Dear members of the Editorial Board of IJCMNS:

Two among you are disreputable. I refer to Prof. Ji-Huan He and Dr. M.S. El Naschie.

J-H He is notorious for gaming the impact factor of the International Journal of Nonlinear Science and Numerical Simulation (IJNSNS) of which he is Editor-in-Chief. (A Chinese version of that article is also available: 中文 )

He is at the center of a scandal for appropriating without attribution the work of Dr. Shijun Liao (homotopy analysis method or HAM), renaming it (homotopy perturbation method or HPM), and calling it his own. His work is not only unoriginal, it is of poor quality. Besides the previous link, see Francisco M. Fernandez on Ji-Huan He in this regard. Also see Three cheers for Francisco M. Fernandez!

Most shocking is J-H He's close association with IJCMNS's Honorary Editor, the infamous and belligerently litigious crackpot Mohamed El Naschie. J-H He calls El Naschie "one of this century's greatest scientists since Newton and Einstein" and says "El Naschie's theory will certainly lead to a Nobel Prize". But El Naschie is widely known to be a complete crank.

Appropriately, J-H He has been fired from editorial positions at Chaos, Solitons and Fractals (CSF), the Arab Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences (AJMMS), Computers and Mathematics with Applications (CMA), and Mathematical Problems in Engineering (MPE).

Prof. Ren, if you are aware of these facts and still think Ji-Huan He amd M.S. El Naschie deserve places on the Editorial Board of IJCMNS, you can make that choice, but your reputation and that of your journal are at risk. We have done our best to warn you. Members of the Editorial Board, we hope you persuade Prof. Ren to do the right thing and remove Prof. He and Dr. El Naschie from their Editorial Board positions on IJCMNS. He and El Naschie are increasingly famous around the world for their academic mischief, and if you become known for taking them seriously, you will be a laughing stock.

Best regards,

Jason of El Naschie Watch

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  1. This journal's board has a significant overlap with several others on your list :)

  2. Dear Jason, I found the name of the great guy in the committe of another international conference, just that this time the conference has still not taken place. Maybe you could send them an email.

    "The 2010 International Conference on Computational and Information Sciences"

  3. One more conference, which will be held
    on June 20-25, 2010, in Italy, which has the
    guy in the International Organizing Committee:

    Third International Conference on Porous Media
    and its Applications in Science, Engineering and Industry

    Jason, you are still on time to write to them!

  4. Anonymous 1, Yes, I noticed some nonempty intersections.

    Anonymous 2, I will let Jun Zhang know. Thank you.

  5. Haha. I will contact the Porous Media people.

    You Anonymous guys should choose nicknames and use them consistently.

  6. It is better to stay anonymous... i am afraid of the ancient chinese martial arts...

    By the way, I read the response that an anonymous (for us) editor of PLA gave to dr. Fernandez, asking him to contact first the authors of the paper he wanted to comment.
    Next time I find a thief in my house I will ask him permission to call the police!

    It should be clear from this that the crackpots are just one part of the problem, the other part being some editors which are too permissive and ambigous. Wouldn't it be appropriate to contact the board of Physics Letters A and ask them to comment on this point?
    Do they have a common standard and guidelines or is it all up to the good or bad will of the editor? After all, we are not talking about isolated cases, but of a sizeable number of papers containing ridicolous results, and which moreover cannot be criticized! This sounds more like religion than science!!

  7. The thief/police analogy is apt. I like the idea of contacting the PLA board a little. I'd like it a lot if I knew the name of the editor who suggested Fernández should work it out with He. If there's no name, nobody fears embarrassment, and there's no incentive to pay attention to my email.

  8. Well, actually you may be wrong. Papers published on PLA carry the name of the Editor who communicated and accepted the paper. We cannot be sure that the editor that accepted the paper is the same that handled the comment by Fernandez, but it is likely and even if he is not the one he will certainly feel the pressure. If they decide to ignore the request to clarify this situation, this will stay in the records so to say, and might be used later to prove that there have been responsabilities at higher levels. I would give it a try!

  9. R.Q. Wu
    Dept. of Physics and Astronomy, University of California at Irvine, Irvine, CA 92697, USA, Fax: +1 949 824 2174, Tel: + 1 949 824 2174, Email:
    (Condensed Matter Physics, Nanoscience, Computational Physics) ?

  10. Just a short comment on your notes.
    you are mentioning papers of Fernandez confirming that HPM is wrong but there are a lot of articles showing that HPM is right even better than HAM. So, this comment you are sending is not applicable at al.

  11. Dear "Anonymous" friend of the short comment, yes there are lots of papers saying that these are wonderful methods... and they are all WRONG! They should never have been published. The reply that the editor gave to dr. Fernandez explains why this has happened. Actually I would not be surprised if you were the author of some of those or maybe the great man himself! In that case good luck, because you need it.

  12. Yes Jason, Wu is the editor who accepted that paper

  13. "We cannot be sure that the editor that accepted the paper is the same that handled the comment by Fernandez, but it is likely"

    I agree it's very likely indeed, so I have enough information to email and blog about the PLA matter. That will have to wait however. Porous Media is urgent, and I have my hands full with Ji-Huan He's many editorships. Speaking of which, readers, please provide me with more email lists before I burn out trying to do them all myself. INSTRUCTIONS TO READERS

  14. I've looked over the Porous Media conference site and have concluded there's nothing to write to them about. J-H He isn't being honored or lending prestige to the event. He pays his fee and gets his meals and lodging like everyone else.