Saturday, July 3, 2010

AMIS sends Ji-Huan He to the showers

This is a follow-up to our earlier post, and this one, concerning the journal Applied Mathematics & Information Sciences (AMIS), which is #32 in the master list.

They sent me a succinct email message:

The web of our journal has been updated.

And sure enough, Prof. He has been ejected from the editorial board.

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  1. For sure Prof. Noor is not pleased with that. :D

  2. Maybe he'll resign in protest.

  3. Again to the journal of The Applied Mathematics & Information Sciences (AMIS).

    You will find the scope of journal is limited to, according to website of the journal,
    "AMIS is a journal of applied mathematics reporting research on the information science structures that describe fundamental processes of computational and numerical methods for exploring these structures. "
    The subsequent paragraph following the above quoted one is
    "Manuscripts in all areas of Applied Mathematics or Information Sciences will be considered. "

    That means the journal accept any thing, I think any thing can be fitted to Applied Mathematics. If the journal is serious they divide the journal into sections (or different ones) like journal of physics A, B, G, ect..

    In fact you will find a lot of low level journal publishing poor quality work all over the world. Even worse, some of the supposed respectable journal like Phys. Letter A, now publish junks, one can find may example.

    Of course you can find poor published works in almost all journal, but these poor quality are mostly noted in the filed of non-linear science, Information Sciences and related subject that could be implemented for information like quantum computation, quantum optics,........

    The process of publishing is becoming a solely commercial one seeking only for profit. Some of the publisher want just to fill issues even with trash. This represent a main obstacle for the serious researcher that he has to go through all of this trash which exhausts energy and time.

  4. Zahy, I have not blogged most of my correspondence with publishers. Whatever the quality of their papers, AMIS dealt admirably with the He situation. I could tell you horror stories about some other journals.