Thursday, July 8, 2010

E-Infinity theory debate

Matter News, which we wrote about in Fledgling E-Infinity fan threads, shows promise as a forum for discussing E-Infinity theory.

Readers will recall Yuhanssen's angry outburst condemning ff and other E-Infinity detractors as "idle philistines" living "miserable existences". Today ff answers Yuhanssen.

Readers hoping for diplomacy and reconciliation will be disappointed that ff doesn't offer an olive branch. Instead, ff calls E-Infinity theory a "paradigm shift" (see 1:03 in Elbeet Beetak video 3/3) and El Naschie "his goodself". El Naschie Watch readers know these are terms that El Naschie sockpuppets and supporters often use, and ff hurled them in unkind mockery.

Will Yuhanssen, Ed Nash, Hoffman, Ben, E. Hansen, and R. Jason from the E-infinity Watch slink away silently? We certainly hope not, because there has been no active forum for E-Infinity discussions since FQXi-395 petered out in April.

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  1. El Naschie's Rosa Al-Youssef column is up for Friday, July 9. National Party and global warming. Arabic or English.

    The National Party, or National Democratic Party (NDP), is the ruling political party in Egypt, headed by President Hosni Mubarak. Today's column isn't about global warming. El Naschie is using that as a metaphore for heated debate in the NDP.

    El Naschie deflects criticism of Mubarak for recent police actions widely percieved as undemocratic by pointing to criminal, racist, etc., incidents in Europe, America and Israel.

    He concludes with a dig at ElBaradei without naming him, saying "not all that glitters is gold, even if gold was imported from Stockholm" which is an allusion to ElBaradei's Nobel Peace Prize.