Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Email to National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

I just sent this. For context, refer to #26 and #39 on the master list.

To President Boris Ye. Paton and the other officers of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, and to the heads of the Regional Science Centers and Department of Mathematics:

Dear distinguished colleagues at National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine,

I am investigating a possible false claim of affiliation with your Academy.

I think there is no such entity as the "International Mathematical Center of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine". Am I correct? At least it's not listed in the exhaustive list on your Web site.

I found the following testimonial at a mostly Chinese language Web site.

It purports to show that Prof. Ji-Huan He of Donghua University in Shanghai was specially honored by Dr. Yury Mitropolsky.

On behalf of the Academic Council of the International Mathematical Center of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, I am informing you with great pleasure that according to the decision of the Academic Council from December 21, 1999, you have been awarded the honorary title "Honorary Professor" of the International Mathematical Center of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

By this awarding we mark your contribution to different branches of applied mathematics: variational analysis, perturbation theory, nonlinear analysis and numerical simulation. You succeeded to combine this activity with significant editorial work, participation in the work of Chinese and international scientific unions and societies. This year you paid a great attention to establishing and deepening scientific collaboration with Ukrainian scientists. We do hope that your fruitful operation will promote the further development of our collaboration and will be mutually beneficial.

We congratulate you and wish you further successes in all directions of your work for the welfare of science and international scientific collaboration.

The issuer: Yury Mitropolsky, and covered with a Ukrainian official seal.

Can you confirm that Ji-Huan He is an "Honorary Professor" as claimed? I suspect this testimonial may be inaccurate or even entirely fake, because of He's long record of academic dishonesty, which you can read about at these links:

Many journals have fired Prof. He from their editorial boards, and the list is growing:


for the latest information.

There is another reason to doubt the testimonial.

The award was given ostensibly by Dr. Yury Mitropolsky, whose email address I don't know. Dr. Mitropolsky is an Editor-in-Chief of the journal Nonlinear Oscillations (NOSC), whose Editorial Board Ji-Huan He claims or claimed at one point to belong to.

But in fact Prof. He is not on the NOSC board.

So, colleagues, was Ji-Huan He an "Honorary Professor" as the testimonial states, and if so, of what exactly? Is he still an Honorary Professor? Thank you very much for looking in to this.

Best regards,

Jason of El Naschie Watch

A commenter made some observations that deserve attention.

Y.A. Mitropolsky's most recent publications are from 2007. The black box around his name is conventionally used to indicate a deceased person in some parts of Europe.

Mitropolsky was active for years at the Institute of Mathematics. Maybe it was called the International Mathematical Center in the past. (I did write to the Institute of Mathematics.)

You can see here that there is a paper "Personage in Science: Academician Yury Mitropolsky", by O. Limarchenho, Ji-Huan He, p. 3-6, IJNSNS, Vol. 1, No. 1, 2000. Note that IJNSNS is He's vanity journal, the very one exposed by Douglas N. Arnold, and the publication date is only shortly after the date of the testimonial.

And there is the PDF below, showing Academician Mitropolsky to be a fan of Professor Alexey Stakhov and the golden ratio.

View this on Scribd

I agree with the commenter who said that they are not likely to respond. They must think I'm gauche.

Another reader tells us Mitropolsky died two years ago, and thinks it's unlikely that Mitropolsky wrote the PDF!

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  1. El Naschie's Rosa Al-Youssef column is up for Thursday, July 8. Waste online. Arabic or English.

    El Naschie is furious. He urges the Egyptian government to follow the example of the Great (Fire)Wall of China in clamping down on what El Naschie considers a lawless Internet full of defamation and slander disguised as free speech. I don't know what Web sites he had in mind specifically. o_0

    China of course mugged Google for not censoring search results according to the Chinese government's liking, and El Naschie wants the same in Egypt to guard against "destruction of innocent young people".

  2. Jason,

    Y.A. Mitropolsky is a rather senior Ukrainian scientist. If he is still alive, he must be 93 year old right now. I suspect that he might have died in the last five years. (Note the black box around his name in the list of editors of NOSC - in many European countries that would be a standard way to indicate that someone is acknowledged posthumously.) Also note that the latest of his NOSC publications appeared in 2007:

    True, the NAS of Ukraine does not currently have any "International Mathematical Center", but they do have an Institute of Mathematics ( and Mitropolsky was its active member for many years. Perhaps this Institute was called the Center at some point in the past?

    Here is another link that you will probably find interesting: (see the first paper on the list)

    Also, the following review provides a possible explanation of the E-infinity group's involvement:

    It seems that the Academician Mitropolsky was (or still is?) rather fond of everything Golden (at least in his advanced age).

    Whether or not he is still alive, I don't think you are likely to get any substantial response to your last letter...

  3. I was not aware of the macabre symbolism of the black box around the names of the deceased. It's like a coffin.

  4. Mitropolsky died two years ago.
    For me it is also doubtful that he really is the author of the linked pdf.

  5. Doubtful he wrote the PDF!? Really? Why?